Welcome to the world of project management. In this blog, you can download all types of tools, templates for project manager use in project management. We will discuss all stages of PM, Project analysis templates, strategical, Planning, Risk management, Budget allocation, change management, Agile & scrum management, Project scheduling, staffing management (HR Templates), and discuss other variance in project management.

When you are working with different small projects with some set purposes, departments are taking initiative with comprehensive implications. To understand all projects and their management life which is important? Eventually, start, middle and end this is all about from initiation to execution.

What is Project Management Exactly (Life-Cycle)?

Usually, these project management and its life cycle followed by the four authentic processes. These steps are moving with stages of the execution of the project. Most people are familiar with the standard cycle of the project.

After the implementation of PM policy, we design templates for PMI/PMP.

You can categories the project management in the different life cycles – fall into four types. These four are initiation, planning, execution and in the end closure. These all are making the right way of the project from start to end. For instance, some of the trends include fifth techniques, monitoring or controlling. From the companies’ perspective, the execution and closure are been covered by the situation.

Importance before Project Planning

Usually, the cycle of projects and structure with type of business is necessary. Teams of experts in project management are, which have conducted research to resolve best procedures. This is specifically for running to projects. Usually, it has been with the importance of the project life cycle for any service and company.

Endeavor on all project cycle of the standard and its procedures with all these successes. Growing with popularity when you see the project management life cycle remains as it isn’t good according to everyone’s needs. It needs more and more professional services to make robust procedures as it requires more project managers.

These all are professional or unlike all business services for you. These are also including complete product service. The purpose of these companies is to offer their services in return for profit. Because of these interests of customers in a professional way and their service needs the best project of the cycle. Usually, it is frequent outcomes to make sure project success.

Here are 4 phase of project management life cycle


At the initial stages, you have to identify some business importance and needs, opportunity and issues regarding. This is very necessary to find out some of the problems or seize the opportunity. Besides, initiations on the initial level the most important in the project management life cycle.

Simple to figure out all purposes, that are determined or feasible for the project. With this initiative phase, all management explains the object and offering the enhance cases in business. Structure of project portfolio, Also, identify the main objects of the deliverable for all projects in project management.

Start with Feasibility Study

First, figure out the basic needs and issues in the project, either it will provide a solution to related issues. Besides, you have to understand all the situations either how it can provide the solution or specific problem or not. Time and investment is an important part of the feasibility study of any project.

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Identify Scope – purpose

How you calculate the scope of the project before any initiation? The scope of the project is important as it tells about the depth of the project. It is included with the particular targets, functions, costs all deadlines and risks in the project.

Deliverables of products, identify

After recognizing all situations and comparisons are probable advantages. These advantages are to determine the projects to move forward. Means of deliverable products are when the project is done to produce.

Identifying the Project Stakeholders

Another step of the initiation in the project life cycle is to identify the people who are interested and how to affected according to their requirements.

Relates Source: Stakeholder Analysis

You have to figure out what are the needs and requirements in project initiation. The most important factor is that is the people aren’t happy as they would be so you fail and not considered as successful.

Enhance Business holder

For the purpose to enhance your business figure it out the necessary objects. You can easily create the final purpose of the work that is a vital part of the initiation in project management.

All documentation of the deliverable is and get the last contract after working between the persons who are working on projects, owner. After done with all of the above factors, you can enter another phase of the project management life cycle.


Once you have done with initiation in project management, then you enter in the planning phase that is the second necessary phase of the PMM. How planning phase start? In which we are discussing the configuration management plan, procurements planning, and other risk management planning.

The answer is suggesting a name or where further solutions are in detail. In the planning phase, you can break down your projects in small objectives. The best is when the management team says go-ahead to execute the project with all planning so all purposes are reputed in this phase.

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Creating a Project Plan

Firstly identify all requirements, phases on the timeline of the project. When you create a plan, timely execution, risk the factors which are necessary and how quick it will be complete – outlines in project planning.

Creating Workflow Documents

Make it simple with diagrams and also get help from the Gantt chart to planning a document in project management. As well as it will tell about the developments and indicators of milestones.

Budget Estimation

What is time management and how can you calculate your budget which is going to invest? In the planning phase a budget cover with the expense and related pieces of equipment, material, and labor, etc. Will make sure the revenue and all-controlling system in cost expenditures. This is an essential part of the planning phase.

Resources & collection

The resource is the primary and functional team for both internal and external perspectives in the company. Make sure all tools are completely working on the given tasks. Make a team of experts with well-equipped tools.

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Anticipate Potential Quality and Risks

How can you figure out the risk in the project? A risk management with even more risk management you can mitigate all risk and provide a project with the best quality. This is big stepping toward another phase of project management to estimates the risk during the planning of the project.

Execution, controlling and monitoring

The second last is a phase in every project management life cycle, execution. Besides, controlling and monitoring is part of it as well. More as an extensive phase-in plan that is also put in action.

In controlling or monitoring stage keeps the requirements of the project on track. Thus, also manage time, and assure the proper timeline of work till executed. Put your work on track in a well-organized way and make sure this isn’t going to fail after scheduling factors.

Interactions – team member, client upper management

Providing the best interaction with all team members are for the best results. No doubt the best communication with your team members makes results in a good way. It helps to provides all project-related updates to the stakeholders.

Monitoring quality of work

By making sure the project and it’s working you can monitor all quality work of work. It tells you about who is on track and who’s not and also update your schedule timing of projects. Included all member’s schedule meetings for quality purposes and tasks.

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Creating tasks and organizing workflows

With this, you have to take appropriate resources with work inflow. Besides, all aspects of the projects with team members to make sure that they aren’t worked more. It makes sure there is no hard duty that is capable to produce the quality of project results.

Monitoring budget

So the monitoring and spending time on track in terms of the project budget. In execution, monitoring all cost is wrapping project management within the budget. You can organize all budgets while working on the project.


In the end the closure phase of project management. This is most important in the last phase of the all life cycle of project management. Easy to analysis all phases of the project from initiation to closure. Provide a deliverable resource and determine the success of the entire project.

This is all because of the projects, which are determining success. Once a project is done so doesn’t mean the worker and team members are free. Another is that what is necessary and what they did and what they didn’t.

Performance analyze

At this sub-phase, we must keep on track the performance of each team member that is in the project. By monitoring all requirements and timelines of quality work as they deliver with the project, performance analyzes works.

  1. Regression analysis
  2. Traceability Matrix

To handover and deliver all of your efforts in the project, purpose to analyze whether the goal is achieved or not. It is also to check the product can offer or solve the issues in business.

Documentation in the project for closure

This is important in any closure of project management. When you are at the initial level to meet the closure, make all documents in a systematic strategy. Make sure all the terms and aspects of the projects are has been closed.

Demeanor & Implementation

The analysis of the project with the performance is included. These types of closures are supported you to get the best understanding and experience. This is also using for reference in the future for the same project management cycle.

Discussion on some advancement in project management like alternatives Projects tools for MAC, Agile methodology and scrum planning templates.

The last, conclusion is about the project management life cycle, understand all phases of the project management and very useful to start any project. for instance, if you are worried and upset that how you can start your project, with all these phases you can easily start your project. The phases of the project are, like initiation, planning, controlling, monitoring and closure keep you on track.