Let’s find out the Framework, basic strategic to advance framework and fundamental principle. In this FAQ, I just explain the importance and core meaning of SE. Why nowadays project managers give more attention to this term. What is Strategic Execution? Some may describe Strategic Execution as the discipline of gettingContinue Reading

In project management, project managers’ key role is to deliver the project in the best possible time. For this purpose, multiple strategic approaches came into action. For conducting or creating PERT analysis, you need this analysis. Without this analysis, you can’t manage dependents activities in running projects. Strategy use in ProjectContinue Reading

Most people understand the term “Response planning” as emergency planning. But in Project management, this term used in Risk management process or Plan Risk Response.   For mitigation of any risk response planning plays an important role. This technique will help stakeholders and investors regarding taking quick action during the phaseContinue Reading

In this article, we are going to discuss stakeholder communication and reporting procedure. Which tools/templates are using for stakeholder management? Stakeholders are the main focusing factor of anybody – Your investors, employees, government agencies can be you stakeholder relates to the nature of the project. So, the communication process betweenContinue Reading

First, clear your concept between stakeholder and shareholder. Both are different, the shareholder could either become stakeholder or actively participate as a shareholder (part of the company). Shareholder Definition A person who has company ownership in a way that, he can use their rights for electing bodies (Board of theContinue Reading

Before we start discussing how to manage resources, you must know what resources are. The materials, time, money and workforce et cetera required to execute a project is resources. Definition Successful management of resources is the key towards moderate, loss-free execution and a successful business. Following are some of theContinue Reading

Do you know what a milestone is? The stone-made symbols you see on the side of the road after every few miles, yeah those are milestones. Do you now get the metaphor? What are Rough Milestones Planning? In a strategic execution of a project, it’s very beneficial to use checkpointsContinue Reading

An Action Plan may be similar to a project’s portfolio. However, an action plan only dictates the requirements and resources needed to achieve a specific goal. Let’s find the basics of Action planning and advantages in project management. Definition An Action Plan is normally based on small tasks. Its buildContinue Reading

Every business needs a motto that effectively helps to simultaneously increase their revenue, decrease their expenditure and grow the business in value. And that my friends, is exactly the definition of Business Strategy. From securing an advantageous role in managing resourcing, Team methodology to using some Powerful project management toolsContinue Reading

In project management, project risk management (Contingency Planning) is given a lot of importance and considered a vital element that contributes effectively to project success. Any situation which may adversely affect the performance, quality or timeline of the project is considered as a risk. You can use templates/tool of contingency forContinue Reading