Time Study Template Excel

Time Study is one of the most important elements of the work-study technique. Through this spreadsheet template, you can manage your time and study efficiently. MS Excel is the tool, which the developer utilizes to create this template. There are two major parts of work-study: Method Study and Work Measurement. Here, the work measurement is […]

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expense tracking spreadsheet

Expense and Budget Tracking Spreadsheet

Expense tracking is a process to manage and control the budget. The budget is only helpful if it is tracked properly. Spreadsheet template is very useful regarding creating expense budget plans for new or small businesses. Therefore, if every expense will not be tracked. It can’t be judged that if one have overspent or not. […]

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Project Evaluation and Review Technique

The project evaluation and review technique is similar to the critical path method. The procedure to apply the process is almost the same as for CPM. Let’s first understand the basics of PERT before going into details. There are two major tools used for the analysis of the project. Critical Path Method (CPM) and Project […]

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Contractor Performance Evaluation (CPE) Template

There are a lot of contractors hired by private businesses or government authorities to perform the work in project-based activities. The most common one to whom every single one must be familiar is the construction-related contractors. Typically, all the govt. projects are awarded to the contractors via a tender system. The bids are asked by […]

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Tools of Human Resource Planning

Therefore, it is important for the human resource department to use the best tool and technique for the planning of human resources. Using every tool available in the market isn’t a wise method. In this chapter, I will discuss some most important resource planning tools like a capacity planner. It helps in the process of […]

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Dependencies in Project Management

In the project management planning phase, the project schedule is made keeping in view the activities dependencies. You can say, from initiating planning to closure stage, all factors are dependent on another factor in each stage. Project dependency is a curtailment based logical relationship between tasks or activities such that the initiation or completion of […]

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Milestone Trend Analysis Excel

In this article, you understand the uses of milestone trend analysis basics to advance guide. We will give you some charts and template for helping you during drafting your project documentation and forecasting analysis. Excel-based template can also use in WORD and PDF format documents. Useful charts base template for project activity & documentation planning. […]

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Supply Chain Management Template Excel

The manufacturing of every single product passes through a range of processes at different facilities. Each step of processing adds a different sort of value to the product or service. Supply chain management template has been using in production and in goods transportation managing companies. The product looks like in the hand of the consumer […]

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Project Management Template for Project Managers

Looking for the best project management templates for creating project documentation (PM or financial documentation). In this article, I going to discuss some useful templates in Microsoft format (Excel + Word) for your project plan. Best for the project manager (Financial, HR, Project). Management of project scope, schedule, cost, resources, communication, risk, quality, and stakeholders […]

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Construction Daily Report Spreadsheet Template Excel

Construction daily report is a document that is used to report daily activities being performed in a project. It is important to make a daily construction report as it helps in several ways to the successful completion of the project. In this article, we are going to discuss, how you can download spreadsheet template in […]

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