Looking for a risk response planning framework? Some strategical template for risk management is for you (Free Download). There are different stages of the risk management process as following: Identification of the Risks Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of the Risks Development of the Risk Response Plans Risk profit analysis templateContinue Reading

Change Impact Assessment Template

A change impact assessment system is a process used by a business to analyze the actual impact of the change in terms of achieved objectives. Format of Excel is available of change impact in any project life-cycle phase. Whenever a drastic change is made in the processes, technology, product mixture,Continue Reading

Looking for completed your project plan, and need some changes before going towards the closure phase? In this article, we will discuss how to implement change policy – some guide and related template for easy work. PDF or word Microsoft template – best for project manager during the execution phaseContinue Reading

Strategic Quality Management

In layman terms, the development and deployment of strategic plans in an organized way are Strategic Quality Management. However, for a deep understanding of the topic, let’s look at each segment individually. In this article, you can identify the strategic quality planning factors influencing directly on a particular project. YouContinue Reading