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In order to have a deep understanding of the Configuration Management Plan, let’s look at each segment separately. For maintaining consistency in different engineering level tasks, you need to implement a configuration management plan.

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Main Documentation concern in configuration

  1. Personnel
  2. Responsibilities and resources
  3. Training requirements
  4. Administrative meeting guidelines, including a definition of procedures and tools
  5. Baselining processes

Without this plan, the consistency of efficiency is either very low or high depending on teamwork, resource capacity management, and other technical requirements.

You can also define this, all company technical or engineering system remains ok. This plan base-line is to maintain or sustain the technical system in the company.


Quick Overview:

  1. Configuration status, control, and accounting is the primary concern of the plan
  2. This plan impact the overall structure or framework – designed previously
  3. Tracking any implanting changes, identify root cause and design organization or engineering framework according to the requirement
  4. For example, Bank ATM machines, Construction work, Cement Factory, ETC
  5. Microsoft Word templatesFor configuration plan design

What is Configuration?

The word Configuration refers to the arrangement of parts or elements of something to form a particular figure, shape, or combination.

What is A Management Plan?

A management plan revolves around operating, controlling, and maintaining a work-process to achieve some goal. Moreover, the word plan refers to a strategically organized series of steps.

Key Features of Configuration Management Plan Template

For starters, Configuration Management is a system’s plan for establishing a product and maintaining the consistency of that product’s performance (Program Brief Template), functional and physical attributes, design, and operational information throughout its lifespan.

  1. Excel-based Dashboard Template

In other words, CM is a detailed documentation of a company’s technology stack about establishing and maintaining a product, including the process of relating one component to the other.

Why is Configuration Management so important?

A set of all the characteristics that define a final deliverable is known as configuration, including all the physical and functional specifications.

Similarly, in Project Management, the configuration of all of the project’s key and defining assets is necessary. This includes all the deliverables that will be delivered to the customer, the related management products and the overall work-process that was required to put this project together. Therefore, CM is a key point in Project Management.

Also, Configuration Management in Project Management specifically addresses a project’s composition, its documentation, and all the related data that supports it. Basically, CM and Project Management go hand in hand and it’s not possible for a successful project to exist without Configuration planning, whether it is on a large scale or small scale.

Influence of Implementation Configuration Planning

Following are some of the factors in play regarding its Implementation Planning:

  1. It helps to make the development process controllable and repeatable.
  2. Ensures the product’s integrity over its lifetime.
  3. Therefore, enables a firm to create a higher quality product or a system.
  4. Also, makes the whole process simple and clarity of goals comes to the surface.

Configuration Management Template

When a company deploys a new server upon the previous one’s completion, a Configuration Management tool will help to automate most of the data. This provisioning process can be is performed by a CMT, and the whole process is a lot faster than any human being’s ability. Therefore, there are a couple of Configuration plan available in the market, that helps Project Managers ease their way into tedious tasks.

Following are some of the Configuration Management Tools:

  1. CFEngine Configuration Tool

This is a configuration tool that provides automation for large computer systems, inclusive of management of servers, systems, users, mobile devices, and systems.

  1. Ansible Configuration Tool

Ansible is a great CM and orchestration open-source tool that provides push-based functionalities. It can be idempotent if used carefully and requires minimal learning.

  1. Saltstack Configuration Template

This tool can integrate with many other cloud setups like Google and AWS which makes it easier to take command of many assets. The tool is simple, straight and the usage happens to be very breezy.

  1. CHEF Configuration Template

This automation tool is an excellent platform in the management and configuration of infrastructure. They have very smart, active, and efficient community support.

  1. Puppet Configuration Template

This tool provides real-time visibility into the state of your infrastructure and it is super easy to use. The puppet Configuration tool is also open-source with active community support.

Elements of Configuration Management Plan

It ensures the state of the software at any given time and helps in reconstructing it. While each element of CM may be invoked individually, it is incomplete without the following elements:

  • Configuration Identification (CID)

Unique identification of each entity in the product is necessary and instead of following the naming conventions, an ID is preferred at all times. Each new build, each new version, every small draft of the document, and each new small compilation can be identified using a Configuration Identification ID.

  • Configuration Control

Configuration Control is like a log that records every change, modification, and development. We can achieve this by authorizing each step, followed by clear documentation. The software library may also be included for this purpose.

  • Configuration Accounting

CA assigns, records, and tracks the state of each baseline of the requirements, design, and code. As the development proceeds, this becomes increasingly important as each section has to be integrated and the main steps are converted into sub-steps and so on.

Create Configuration Management Plan Excel Template

A Configuration Management template comprises of a bunch of factors. For example, it must start from the explanation of the detailed Configuration Management Plan followed by signatures of the stakeholders and the people responsible.

A table consisting of prominent records of each version, which you must update after each modification is necessary. The references, plans, requirements, goals, and everything else must also be stated.

Each template is built according to needs so our advice is to understand your configuration management plan thoroughly and then design your template in MS Excel, Word according to your needs.

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