Construction daily report is a document that is used to report daily activities being performed in a project. It is important to make a daily construction report as it helps in several ways to the successful completion of the project. In this article, we are going to discuss, how you can download spreadsheet template in excel for making daily to weekly progress reports of construction work.

For provides detailed analysis and review of what activities are performed, what are the next activities, is the next activities will be performed as planned or the situation has changed? you can set the project portfolio according to the construction project.

  1. How can I Create a Construction template for my daily tasks?
  2. Can I manage financial documentation through this spreadsheet?
  3. How many types of templates examples in there?
  4. Progress report of daily civil work in excel format is available?

It’s a kind of real-time monitoring of activities and identifies the need for any amendments for the betterment of the project. These reports are also used to verify the contractor’s agreement in terms of their progress with time.

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Key Construction Templates Features:

Fist in this article, you can upload “Report format” and also can download construction status report Free. You can download risk register for avoiding any type of risk during the planning project.

Construction Report Feature

  1. In Reporting, mention each contractor in any particular project with their daily status
  2. Note “Word performed today” and any additional note
  3. Major equipment’s being used for construction project
  4. In the header section, mention (Report No, Ref No, Job title, Date and weather condition)

Construction Status Report Template features

As most of the projects are funded by investors, it is really important to keep them update about the project work. Construction Status report is then used to inform investors and other stakeholders about the detail of work being performed at the site. Managing resources for any type of project is very essential for this. It gives a pictorial view of what activities actually performed at the site and tell about the project status.

  1. You can arrange reporting Calendar or schedule-wise
  2. Details of person, who create this report (Project Manager)
  3. Extra sheet for inventory and billings

One of the major purposes of this report is to monitor the timeline of tasks being performed. It monitors and compare the actual and estimated duration of tasks and see if they have taken longer or shorter than the estimated time to re-adjust the remaining activities schedule.

Construction Daily Report Spreadsheet Template

What information should a daily construction site log include?

Daily site report or logbook should include the following potential and pertinent information about the project activities at the end of each working day;

  1. Company name, project title, date and time.
  2. Weather and site conditions.
  3. Resources summary in the form of labor, equipment, and material.
  4. Work performed with notes and comments
  5. Safety Precautions
  6. Any accidents, injuries and unusual events.
  7. Potential Risks
  8. Visitors Details

What is the Significance of Daily Construction?

Free Construction Daily Report Spreadsheet is considered an essential part of good practices at sites. Contractors use this report as a living record of their performed worked. This report helps every stakeholder of the project to understand the progress and performance of a project.

Skipping these reports may pose serious threats to the completion of tasks and the overall success of the project. If small issues aren’t reported and tackled on a daily basis, these can become large and cause inexcusable delays or safety concerns.

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This report is a key source of communication and collaboration between project teams and all the stakeholders. It helps to foster transparency regardless of the project complexity and the number of resources involves.

\Which helps to keep the project on track of the schedule. One of the best applications of daily site report is in sorting out conflicts and getting timely payments. A full record of delays is maintained with reasons such as weather conditions, unavailability of materials or funds.

Steps to writing a Daily Construction Report in Excel:

It is important to include pertinent information on the daily report format for a construction site in an excel spreadsheet. Daily construction site report most of the information is captured from daily manpower, equipment, and activity reports. Following guidelines must be kept in mind before writing a Construction Daily Report Spreadsheet;

  1. Use only pertinent and appropriate detail to present.
  2. Share report on a daily basis on a specific time without any delays
  3. Keep the report as simple as possible
  4. Take help from technology to make daily site log a breeze

Nowadays, there is a number of tools available online for making free daily construction report. These tools help project managers and teams to create a daily site report easily and rapidly. They contain presets of activities and comments related to issues. Regardless of skill level, the project daily construction report can be made using MS Word and Excel spreadsheets. Below are the simple steps for creating an effective Construction Daily Report Spreadsheet.

Daily Construction Report in Excel

  • In the header section of the report, write down the details of the project such as company name, project title, contractor name, report prepared by, date, activity or phase of the project and report number.
  • After the header section, a section carrying weather details is created. Information such as temperature, humidity and weather conditions are described under this section.
  • The next section is about workmen availability. The total of each skill set labor is mentioned such as abatement, balancing, ceiling, flooring, etc. In the end, the overall total is calculated.
  • After workmen, details of the major equipment such as cranes, loaders, dozers, pumps, compressors, etc. Rewritten down with a total number of operating hours.
  • A completed detailed section is created for writing down details of activities being performed on a particular day with subheadings for visitor details, accidents, issues, and any unusual events.

In the end, the most important thing is to make notes and comments on the activities being performed on a particular day. Clarification of any abnormality or delays is given in this section.

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