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look ahead schedule template is very useful in long term projects to plan for the upcoming activities. Most construction look-ahead schedules are very common. As most of the construction projects are stretch over months or years.

Thus, project managers use the weekly and monthly look-ahead schedules for efficient planning and scheduling. First, check out what is the project schedule? Just like teacher day plan, template exact with the same methodology.

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Although, a complete project schedule is made in the project planning stage to estimate the duration of the project. However, efficient planning of resources like materials and labor is best to plan on a monthly and weekly basis. Because the requirement of materials and labor is different for each activity of the project.

  1. 2 Week to 3 Week look ahead planning
  2. Level wise project activities scheduling
  3. Cost management & resource scheduling plan
  4. Excel-Base format (XLS) 2020
  5. Editable & customize Template

So, project managers better plan, execute, track, and control the activities planned using look-ahead schedules.

Look Ahead template

2 Week Look Ahead Schedule Template XLS

The look-ahead schedules are usually extracted from the project complete schedule. It focuses on the small portion of a project. So, it includes the high-level of activity details.

Significance of Look Ahead Scheduling:

There is an extension scheduling work done during the project planning phase. Still the projects are vulnerable to risks and continuous improvement of project plan and schedule is important.

Thus, the look-ahead schedule is used as an opportunity to better plan the activities incorporating the experience from previous activities. Further, if the project is lagging behind the schedule. The project managers start analyzing upcoming activities to find ways to complete the project well on time.

Moreover, the project manager analyzes the look-ahead schedule to arrange the required resources and pass instructions for execution.

Bi-Weekly Look Ahead Scheduling

There are different types of look-ahead schedule templates. It depends on time frames and information included in the template. Some templates just focus on activities of the upcoming week. While others are made for bi-weekly and monthly planning.

However, all the week or bi-weekly templates focus on including the calendar for activities Gantt chart presentation. Further, WBS, Activities Description, Duration, % Completion, and Comments.

Moreover, the look-ahead schedule should also include the labor, material, and cost estimate for schedule time frames activities. This helps to manage the required resources before the execution of the schedule.

How to Create Look Ahead Schedule Template?

The use of a look-ahead schedule template is very useful in different projects. Mostly the construction projects have more applications of look-ahead schedule. These schedules templates are developed using Excel.

Easy Customization

The use of MS Excel makes the template easy to use and customize. Also, don’t require any professional skills in Excel tools. It’s just a basic data entry job to fill in the required information. However, what information is important to include is a skill-based job and completed by project managers.

Planning & Execution of Look Ahead Projects

The best advantage of the look-ahead schedule is in planning, executing, and controlling the upcoming activities of the project. Also, it presents the status of tasks in terms of percentage completion. So, it saves a lot of time and effort of the project team during execution.

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These were the few advantages of look-ahead projects. It may have many others specific to the project nature and type.

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