Hello guys in this article, we will discuss the latest PMBOK 6th edition PDF in detail version. We will only covering some aspects or gives your guideline or you can call To-do-list relates to PMBOK.

This edition released on September 6, 2017, although there are some amendments after launching the BOK. Through this PDF you will easily create PMP study Notes for exam 2020.

We will discuss the main agenda of this PMBOK (6th Edition). Focusing on Agile development, framework practice, different methodologies, and new trends in project management.

(PMI Ref) PMBOK pdf includes the project management framework which has enclosed practicing knowledge of several project management professionals. It provides the best guidelines to identify the key elements of the project management process.

What is PMBOK 6th Edition PDF?

Project Management Professional (PMP) was the first credential of the Project Management Institute awarded in 1984. PMBOK 6th Edition pdf is a sixth publication of PMBOK GUIDE by PMI.

Project managers (Trainee + Professionals) both implement these methods of techniques in their daily project management life.

PMBOK 6th Edition PDF

Why PMBOK (6th Edition) is important?

Project Management Professional (PMP) certification is obtained based on PMBOK Guide as standard which includes a survey of many companies’ best practices.

  1. Up to date the latest Project management innovation
  2. Modify the frame of work of project management module
  3. Changes in Project management process
  4. Preparing PMP study Notes

There are some benefits to hire PMP certified project managers and team members for projects. They are well-trained professionals to lead the project towards success dealing with every possible challenge with a unique approach. PMBOK Guide is valued due to the following reasons;

  1. It helps and allows companies to standardize across all departments.
  2. It’s a complete system that helps project managers and teams to apply practices followed at one project in some other project.
  3. Project managers choose what approaches works when they are uncertain of how to conduct risk management analysis. It also defines what practices should be avoided which may cause the failure of the project.

PMBOK 6 Process Groups, Knowledge Areas and Processes:

There are 5 Process Groups, 10 Knowledge areas and 49 processes in PMBOK 6thEdition.

Process Groups are:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Controlling
  • Closing

Below are the Knowledge areas and Processes with relevance to Process Groups in PMBOK 6th Edition pdf;

  1. Project Integration Management
    • Initiate (Develop project charter)
    • Plan (Develop project management plan)
    • Execute (Manage project work and knowledge)
    • Monitor (Project work and perform integrated change control)
    • Close (Project or phase)
  1. Project Scope Management
    • Plan (Plan scope management, define and create WBS), collect requirements
    • Monitor (Validate scope and control scope)
  1. Project Schedule Management
    • Plan (Plan schedule management, define activities, sequence activities, estimate activity durations and develop schedule)
    • Monitor and organize (Control schedule)
  1. Project Cost Management
    • Plan (Plan cost management, estimate costs and determine budget)
    • Monitor and Control (Control costs)
  1. Project Quality Management
    • Plan (Plan quality management)
    • Execute (Manage quality)
    • Monitor and Control (Control quality)
  1. Project Resource Management
  1. Project Communications Management
    • Plan (Plan communications management)
    • Execute (Manage communications)
    • Monitor and Control (Monitor communications)
  1. Project Risk Management
    • Plan (Plan risk management, identify risks, perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and plan risk responses)
    • Execute (Implement risk responses)
    • Monitor and Control (Monitor risks)
  1. Project Procurement Management
    • Plan (Plan procurement management)
    • Execute (Conduct procurements)
    • Monitor and Control (Control procurements)
  1. Project Stakeholder Management
    • Initiate (Identify stakeholders)
    • Plan (Plan stakeholder engagement)
    • Execute (Manage Stakeholder engagement)
    • Monitor and Control (Monitor stakeholder engagement)

What’s New in the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition?

In this edition, the more focusing factor is the research methodology and framework of the project management process.

For PMP exam this PMBOK will help you regarding understanding terminology and new areas of project development.

How to Download PMP study Notes?

For PMP study notes, you can request us and we will send you PDF Notes through Email.


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