Before launching the project you must require different kinds of templates of product management. This isn’t a proposal template, these templates guide you on how to design your project according to the standard checklist. Launching a new product involves a lot of activities to be done properly.

There are things such as PR information, training manuals, and production plans that require to be prepared from the really beginning of the product launch.

  1. Change Management Policy Template
  2. Checklist template implement in the first phase of the project plan
  3. New product development & software launch
  4. Use if various industries

It is also really important for the sales team to make sure the product has been checked as per the working environment of target customers to avoid any problems. Check out how the project portfolio dashboard can help you in designing this template.

Key Features of Product Launch Checklist Template

If things are not ready, there isn’t any need to show haste and makes your all efforts waste by getting dissatisfaction with customers on new product launch and overall brand name.

Product Launch Checklist Template

  1. There is a need to develop a proper system for the management of product launch.
  2. Include strategic planning templates
  3. Marketing project launch requires a marketing strategy, other typically projects require the same strategy
  4. Product positioning analysis, volume analysis, Distribution analysis, and budget analysis is the primary phase of product launch checklist template
  5. 2nd phase is the purpose of project launch and 3rd is sample tools/templates or different techniques of project management
  6. Simply like project roadmap template, you can download with this template also
  7. For custom design of product launch template, contact ProjectsManagement.Net team

What is Product Launch Management Template?

The product launch management deals with the organization, preparation, and drives to launch the product aggressively to build the momentum in the market by engaging a maximum number of customers. Request for proposal & this template goes hand in hand during initiating stage of project planning.

It coordinates with all the major aspects of implementing a successful and smooth product launch process. It also helps in the product development phase to understand the features that need to be added in the product to deal with a set of problems faced by customers.


Components of Product Launch Template:

There are tons of aspects needs to be carefully reviewed before going to launch any product in a competitive market place. After using a feasibility study template, you can use this for improvement. These aspects are categories into 6 main components that are referred to as components of the product checklist;

  1. Each component of the checklist has it’s own important and sub-division into a number of analyses.
  2. The product category of the product checklist deals with the product proposition. As well as product development, customer experience, and legal aspects of the product.
  3. It covers every aspect of the product, product needs, and target customers.
  4. The marketing component is also equally important to be carefully analyzed in all forms such as marketing comms, lead generation, internal comms, press, and demos of the product launch.
  5. It covers all the marketing aspects of the product launch event to make sure maximum customer response.
  6. The pricing component deals with market analysis to analyze similar nature products from the competitors.
  7. It helps to establish the product price keeping in view the feature of new products in comparison to the market competitions.
  8. Its sub-divisions are pricing structure, pricing tools, pricing analysis, and channel pricing.
  9. Channels of the product for its best available to the customer are identified, defined, and managed. But under the channel’s component of the product launch checklist.
  10. Major elements of channels category are channel strategy, channel plans, and channel stock.
  11. The planning category deals with the pre and post-launch activities of the product. It makes sure that the company is in a position to handle the market response on the product launch by using launch plans and post-launch plans.
  12. Product post-launch support is referred to as after-sales services of the company to its valuable customers.
  13. It defines the policies of after-sales for the new product that is going to be launched.

Product Development Checklist Microsoft Word

Through the Microsoft template (Checklist), you can easily manage your overall strategy. You don’t need to spend and effort on designing a template.

Although every product launch is different, still there are few guidelines that need to be kept in mind while managing a product launch drive. These guidelines will help sales teams to successfully launch their new product in the competitive market place.

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