Project Management Template for Project Managers

Looking for the best project management templates for creating project documentation (PM or financial documentation). In this article, I going to discuss some useful templates in Microsoft format (Excel + Word) for your project plan. Best for the project manager (Financial, HR, Project).

Management of project scope, schedule, cost, resources, communication, risk, quality, and stakeholders is generally considered as project management. Project management discipline is boundless with applications in all the major fields of life.

Project managers’ skills are utilized to evaluate the feasibility of a project using several techniques in the domain of project economic, market, technical and operation aspects.

  1. Financial Project Management Templates
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Interactive Dashboard & Project Portfolio Template
  4. Complete Project-life-cycle template (Initiating to Closure)

It is important for project managers to identify, plan, execute and sustain the project activities for successful completion of the project. As project managers have to step into every detail of the project. It isn’t fruitful for them to spend time on the development of different formats for different project stages.

The pre-developed format is readily available on the internet for free use. These templates are easily accessible and can be used to save a lot of effort and time.

Project Management Template for Project Managers

Significance and Features of Project Management Templates:

Project managers make use of the template in every phase of project management such as project initiation, project planning, project execution, and project closure. The reason for doing so is the practicality of these templates.

There are hundreds of formats required under the umbrella of project management. It is nearly impossible to self-develop all the templates. Therefore, using these templates become necessary for project managers.

Tracking Template (Document Tracker)

Project management templates assist project managers to effectively utilize the available resources especially human resource. Making use of such templates allow project managers to pay more attention to critical thinking rather than formatting report for monitoring and tracking different activities and resources of the project.

Assist in Creating Portfolio for stakeholder


These pre-developed formats are customizable and require fewer efforts and time. Application of these project management templates in project management knowledge areas such as project scope, quality, resource, cost, budget, risk and stakeholders’ management reflect light on their significance.

By adding a project portfolio template, you will access live editing and work progress through the dashboard.

Online or web-based Templates for Project Manager

As with the online availability of project management templates for project managers’ key task is to select the most appropriate templates for project needs. Project managers identify the need for fewer using template and evaluation of templates is given primary importance.

Templates are evaluated based on the information they are representing and their linearity with the project scope. For picking the right template for the project, managers ‘following features of the template should be evaluated;

  1. Recommended by experienced project managers based on usability and customization.
  2. It must be user-friendly to minimize the efforts in customization.
  3. Perfectly aligned with the project scope and deliverables regardless of the scale of the project.

Project management templates are build-in in licensed project management tools for using pro-features of the package. Such tools are helpful in complex and extensive projects. Excel spreadsheet type templates are considered one of the cheapest and easy way of developing and using project management templates. Basic skill level is required for using spreadsheets and customizing it as per the project need for saving a lot of effort and time.

Classification of Project Management Template for Project Managers:

Project management templates significance and features are well explained in earlier. There is a need to classify these templates for effective utilization in project definition to closure.

Basic classification of project management templates involves project planning templates, project monitoring templates, and project evaluation and reporting templates.

Project Planning Templates

Project planning templates are used at the planning stage for assistance in effective planning in all the processes over the project lifecycle. Most important planning templates are in the knowledge area of project scheduling, project resource planning, project risk planning, and project stakeholder planning.Risk Register Template

Project managers prefer to use project milestones, action, activities, risk mitigation, resource allocation, resource capacity, Configuration planning template, stakeholder engagement, mapping, and stakeholder communication planners.

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Project Management Tracking Templates

Project tracking templates are used to extend the application of project planner templates for real-time monitoring of project stages planned in the planning phase of project management.

One of the comprehensive tracking templates is a project dashboard template. It involves resource availability, supply and demand templates along with multiple document tracking template. Some other projects tracking templates are project milestones, risk, issue, communication, documents, progress, and budget trackers.

Dashboard-Based Project Reporting Template

Project evaluation and reporting templates are evaluation techniques implementation and results representation spreadsheets.Project Portfolio Template

On the other hand, project status or progress, project outline, and project feasibility reports are presented using reporting templates.

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In addition, there are furthermore useful project management templates for project managers like (Supply Chain, Agile, Product Backlog). If any template or project cycle is missing here, you can contact or request us related template. We will send a particular template in your Email Box.


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