To fully be able to understand what Project Portfolio dashboard (PPD) is, you must be able to understand the definition of Portfolio. This strategy is using nowadays, mostly by the Project Manager Office (PMO). Microsoft Excel template-based software help creating project plan easy.

From Gantt chart to project Milestone, from Calendar Based data to Export project in Excel file.

A Portfolio is nothing but a collection of projects or programs, a range of investments held by a person or an organization. In other words and the micro perspective, a portfolio is a set of programs in a project to accomplish a specific business objective. In this article, we will discuss Project Portfolio Management Template, HOW-TO, Process, and advanced business strategies using project managers nowadays.

  1. Is this Project Portfolio Dashboard Template for Free?
  2. Where to Download this Premium Template?
  3. How many Project we can manage through this dashboard template?
  4. Portfolio Dashboard Vs Project Management Software

Key Features of Project Portfolio Dashboard Template 

Let’s suppose there’s a certain project that needs execution. The first step is to identify its subprograms, put together as a set, the project is kick-started and managed to accomplish a specific objective. This portion is also a part of rough milestone planning and development for a typical project.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel


Quick Overview:

  1. Centralize technique of project management, must in PMP syllabus
  2. A Standard Framework for project managers, before implementing financial and strategical goal or best utilizing of resources
  3. Avoiding any type of financial and budget-related risk
  4. Excel template (Dashboard) is the best tool for tracking each activity and updated information
  5. Project Manager both are using Desktop and Cloud-Based software for these purposes
  6. Use in pipeline and resources utilizing the operation

Creating Portfolio Dashboard

  1. Help also is preparing earned value management
  2. Nowadays using EPPM instead of PPM
  3. You can also call Action plan or similar to Action plan template
  4. Ask more through ProjecsManagement.NET

Term Project Portfolio Optimization further using for managing and operation. In addition, linked with investors or stakeholders for project reporting.

What is Project Portfolio Management (PPM)?

Hence, defining Project Portfolio Management (PPM) in a single statement: To manage the sub-projects and programs under a project, collectively as part of a portfolio to accomplish a specific business objective is Project Portfolio.

Using that dashboard you can manage or create feasibility study, and stakeholder analysis reporting.

Management Using a Project Portfolio Dashboard:

Now, some questions may arise. From the top off my head, what goes on in the management process? For starters, management is a word with wide meanings having vague limitations, from kick-starting the project to error-free execution and successful termination.

The management in a project portfolio dashboard includes managing the time, the cost, the scope, and the resources within the project and sub-projects. Help you in creating procurement plan, and configuration management planning.

The whole team including stakeholders, employees, and managers etcetera are responsible for the management one way or the other. This helps in keeping the portfolio rightly intact to achieve the desired goals.

Following measures may also be a part of PPM:

  1. Juggling multiple projects and programs.
  2. Keeping balance, realizing that some things are going to be out of balance one time or the other. Moreover, using the right techniques to keep the portfolio intact.
  3. The people involved in the execution of a project must have awareness, which includes what goes in and out of the portfolio. It also includes knowing what causes the ups and downs in your portfolio.

Here, you must realize that a Project Portfolio and Project Portfolio Management are two different things. I’ll explain that explicitly in a bit.

Project Portfolio Dashboard vs Project Portfolio Management:

Both are different, you can’t carry under one umbrella. In many PMP books especially the latest edition, you understand the difference between PP and PPM. Likewise, project management is also different or another subject.

Project Portfolio Project Portfolio Management
A step by step guide of execution of the project, explaining all the dependent variables that go in it, the set of programs and sub-projects and operations put together to achieve an organization’s calculated objective is a Project’s Portfolio. The management process for the practical execution of a project, which includes executing the sub-programs to closely manage the time, scope, cost and resources within the project to keep the portfolio rightly intact and achieve a strategic objective.

Template Features of Project Portfolio Dashboard:

Correspondingly, a Project Portfolio may have more purposes to it than just leading to its management. That includes but is not limited to the following:

  1. Think of a Portfolio like a resume but a more detailed one. So instead of writing about where have, you worked before you write about your work experience and where have you worked.
  2. A Project Portfolio contains all the project proposals, the revisions, modifications and changes, and the execution plan followed by reports. Therefore, it’s also a timeline of the whole Project.
  3. From stakeholders and people having business strings to managers and employees, everyone needs to have access to the Project Portfolio or the sub-projects at the very least.
  4. A Project Proposal’s purpose is to meet a specific objective.
  5. To determine the health and wealth of the project in every situation.
  6. Resource capacity management 

Functions of Project Portfolio Template:

In like manner, there are certain steps that are essentially a part of a Project’s Portfolio. These steps may increase or decrease according to requirements. See the requirement Traceability Matrix for more details.

Function of Portfolio Dashboard

To demonstrate, I’m going to share very basic functions of a Projects Portfolio and you’ll be able to take it from there.

  1. Selection of Programs: This is the first and most basic of all steps. Firstly you have to identify and list all the possible sub-projects and programs that you may need in order to complete your objective.

Followed by a negotiated selection of programs that are absolutely necessary. The term “Atomicity” plays a role here. Atomicity means to assign each program a task and that task only. Remember, a thorough and complete selection of programs to achieve a specific objective is our goal here.

  1. Prioritization of Programs: Following the Selection process is a filtering process based on priority. There are multiple programs which require different cost, workforce, and resources. The programs and sub-projects in the portfolio that require minimum consideration, decision making, resources, and cost may come earlier.
  1. Kicking-off the Programs: By the same token, the third step is to kick-start the execution. The small projects and programs are initiated and the work starts to achieve smaller goals which then come together to achieve the bigger specific goal.
  2. Management of Project Dashboard: This is where the management part comes in, the next two steps are also part of management. This part includes management of the programs and specifically managing the time, cost, budget, decision making and resources that go into each part is the goal here.

This is the most crucial and core phase of a project responsible to keep the portfolio intact. one of the best project management template for project managers.

  1. Reporting Dashboard: Also a part of the management of the portfolio. Deciding what reports to build, who to report to and what to report is the goal here.
  1. Communications Dashboard: Lastly, the communication between each node is of absolute necessity here. Managing the right way of communication between each party responsible is the initial goal. Responsible for conveying the health and wealth of the portfolio and kick-started projects between involved parties.

However, the following is an example of the communication hierarchy between the responsible parties:

Stakeholders -> Business Owners -> Managers -> Employees and vice versa.

Project Portfolio Dashboard Template Excel

After enough discussion on Process, HOW-TO now the time of tools. What type of Templates, project manager is using nowadays? Is it Free or a premium one.

Mostly projects compile in Excel sheet for reporting and presenting into PPT. MS Excel is a very important tool regarding handling all strategical execution planning, operating and assessment study.

Some linked Template you must download

  1. Project Management Maturity Assessment
  2. Project Prioritizing Tool
  3. Project Management Policy
  4. Project Charter Template
  5. Business Case Template

Who Should Use This Dashboard Template?

Project Analyst, Financial Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager and others who directly linked with the project.

Speed Your Plan through Excel Template

Using these template you are managing project scheduling through Gantt Chart and project Time-line sheet. You will track any hurdles during any project in any stage through the Project Dashboard. Dashboard access, you can manage through the Admin Panel.

In any stage after tracking project risk, you can perform various activities according to project requirements.

Create and Customize Your Own Team Dashboard Templates

Most companies are creating Own customize template for different nature of the project. If you want to download a customize a template, then contact us.

To conclude, a Project Portfolio dashboard template excel is a formal and necessary way to execute a project. It helps clear things out, makes communication easier and opens up the pathway for the execution of a project to achieve a specific goal.

Project Portfolio Management is a quite simple topic and I hope this clears out any queries you have.


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