Looking for project planning & to-do-list template for starting the project. We have a collection of (Project Initiating Phase template) for structuring project in-shape. During project development, there are hundreds and thousands of tasks being ordered according to their proportional contribution towards accomplishment. Project priority list is therefore created to arrange them all in order.

Using Excel list templates, it becomes easier to organize extensive tasks in the right order, based on their importance and priority, set their sequence, and also assigns them the appropriate time plan.

  1. Just like Work Break Down structure template
  2. Review program Brief template for creating a summarized section of project planning
  3. Just like Project Launch Checklist, this one creates exact same
  4. Examples available of the project priority listing
  5. Ask for more template request

These templates are specially designed and created to help managers and planners in their routine planning work.

Using them, you can easily assess the proportionate contribution of tasks and prioritize them by evaluating their role. Once you put in the required functions and formulas of Excel, everything becomes easier.

Format of Project To Do List Template Excel

Since the purpose of the to-do list to order various tasks and duties in a feasible order of accomplishment which might increase productivity and efficiency of working outcome, therefore its format is very important to be understood.


  1. The feasibility study is foremost for conducting analysis and documentation.
  2. The most important aspect that should exist in it is that it should be easily interpretable by anyone working in the project.

Moreover, it must clearly define the role of each individual and set out the most economic order of work which must be resource, time, and potential saving in all possible ways. As far as the general format of this list is concerned, we have listed a couple of points regarding it.

Checklist of to do List Template

Take a look at the points listed below here;

  1. Write down the name or domain of project which is referred in the list
  2. Write down an initial instruction note for list follow up
  3. Draw a table with rows and columns specifying different tasks
  4. List down all the tasks in the list, based on priority assessment
  5. Additionally, you can write down the starting time, ending time and duration of tasks
  6. You can also add direct assignments for particular employees
  7. Lastly, you can add an alternative plan to re-prioritize tasks in case of objection

These are some useful factors that you must consider while listing up your work. So for detail on project priority listing direct consider our main department like team.

How to create a project To-Do List in Excel?

Through these template, you can create to-list template in a quick time. You just need to enter data and final results in front of you in no time. Some custom Google app is using nowadays for Free project management.

  1. Multiple project tasking list management
  2. Show project timeline against every project
  3. Different types of template for multiple projects like construction, IT ETC
  4. Differ with (High, Medium and LOW) priority mode
  5. Priority date and Completion % showing in a different column of the particular template

You can ask us to customize and editing in this template. ProjectsManagement.Net team will follow up on your request and do exactly what you want.

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