Requirement Management Plan Template

Requirement Management Plan Template

This planning process implements during the execution of the project planning stage. This plan needs to be used for analysis all type of project related requirement, like (Stakeholders, Technology). In this article, ProjectsManagement.Net gives you access to download Requirement management plan template in (Word Excel) format. You can say an integral part or foundation of scope planning.

These template require during monitoring or change control stages of project management.

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  1. Use in Configuration management and Scope management process
  2. Help in creating a requirement traceability matrix
  3. Conduct for analysis the further requirement of any project
  4. It’s a part of the business analysis process

What is the Requirement Management Plan?

In every project, the required features or capability in the deliverables are defined to be achieved by performing the number of tasks and activities for getting the desired outcome or project deliverables.

To perform these actions, every task requires a set of resources and circumstances. The collective deliverables of these tasks should meet with the requirement based on which the project been supposed. The management of such requirements along the lifecycle of the project is included in the project requirement plan.

This document includes all details about the requirements such as their identification, collection, analysis, documentation and how they need to manage throughout the project life cycle. Prioritization of requirements is performed based on the activities’ timeline schedule. The core purpose of this document is to make sure no requirement should get uncompleted or remain unmanaged due to any reason.

Requirement Management Plan Template


Benefits of Requirement Planning Template:

Requirement management planning is an approach used to identify, manage and trace the requirement conforms to the project deliverables over the project lifecycle.

It improves the requirements collection, traceability, and management by improving the quality, reducing the cost, assisting effective scope management, decreasing the time cost and risks. It helps the project managers to involve in the definition of requirements and to make sure that the requirement should be met on time with acceptable criteria. It assists in the scenario of effectively managing changing requirements.

Scope Management Template vs. Requirement Management Template:

For a comprehensive comparison between the scope and requirement management, it is important to first understand what is different between scope and requirement.

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The requirement is the specifications, feature or characteristics that must be present in product, service or result in order to satisfy the project needs. While the scope is the sum of project deliverables required to be provided including products, services, and results. Product scope is the features that define a product while the project scope is a set of activities need to perform to deliver the product.

Difference between the scope and Requirement Management Plan Template can be understood as follows;

Scope Management:

  1. It defines what steps require to make an effective project scope statement.
  2. What resources are required and define the work breakdown structure?
  3. Highlight the responsible person for maintaining and approval of WBS.
  4. How to deal with the change requests management and communication?

Requirement Management:

  1. How the requirements will be planned, tracked and reported?
  2. It assists in prioritization of requirements based on importance.
  3. It helps to manage any addition or changes to the requirements.
  4. It defines the consideration for monitoring the accuracy of requirements realization.
  5. It helps to match the final outcome characteristics with the pre-defined features or capabilities of results, products or services.

Format of Requirement Planning Template:

There are different approaches and formats of the project that requires planning. Few of the most commonly used one is;


Traceability Matrix:

Requirement traceability matrix is a technique used to make sure that all the deliverables of the project must meet the requirements.

It provides a thread of all the requirements of the project that are established and agreed at any phase of the project. This is used to ensure that the products or services’ capabilities and characteristics satisfy the re-defined requirements.

Product Metrics:

These are the metrics used as based to analyze the projects’ progress and success. These metrics are usually technical based on the product requirements such as cost, quality and the performance of the project.

It provides a quantitative measure of the project progress and success and considered an important approach to determine the success of the project.

Configuration Management:

It is a system developed to identify and approve any proposed changes in the project requirements. It provides a framework for the implementation and communication of changes to the stakeholders.

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Although all efforts are taken into consideration during project definition and planning stake to identify all the project requirements but still sometimes there is a situation that urges to make changes. Requirement Management Plan Template in either Excel or Word format usually been used in creating a project plan.

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