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A recruitment manager has to deal with a lot of placement and recruitment cycles. Therefore, it is important for the recruitment manager to have a rigid recruitment plan in hand to deal with the situation. However, another approach is used for this purpose is the staffing management plan.

  1. Daily to weekly printable notice for staff
  2. Salary and other financial issues management
  3. PDF-Word-Excel based template for tracking daily to weekly activity
  4. Salary or pay-slip generate according to leave the record
  5. Custom Sheet can also attach with this template

Let’s briefly discuss the essential details about the staffing management plan in this article. Through progress reporting, you can understand the quality of work done by your staff.

What is Staffing Management Plan?

Moreover, the staffing plan helps the organization in many ways depending on the organizational structure, and nature of the business.

The plan is affected by the type of workers being hired. There can be three categories of workers: Permanent Worker, Daily Wages, and Contractual Workers.


Project managers also deal with the process of staffing management during the project resource management phase. As most of the projects are dependent on the human resource required to perform the project tasks.

The staffing management plan of the project specifically deals with the manpower aspect of the resource management phase. Therefore, project managers develop a rigid staffing plan to identify and hire the right skill set.

How the Recruitment Manager does Staffing Planning?

A staffing management plan includes the following information to deal with all the aspects of human resource management:

  1. Identification and Selection of the Human Resource.
  2. The process of acquiring a human resource.
  3. Criteria of Selection
  4. From where the human resource will be identified.
  5. How and when to acquire the manpower from within the organization and external sources.
  6. The process of maintaining the human resource calendar.
  7. Human Resource Appraisal Plan

The development of an effective staffing management plan is important for the project manager. Moreover, below simple steps can be followed for the creation of a rigid staffing management plan:

  1. Identify the Staffing Need
  2. Establish the Recruitment and Employment Timelines
  3. Make a Budget for Staffing
  4. Define the Talent Acquisition Strategies to use.
  5. Identify and Develop a Skill Development and Training Matrix for the Employees.
  6. Implement the Plan
  7. Track the Effectiveness of the Plan

The objective of the plan must be pretty clear to the project managers. Moreover, few of the general objectives of creating a staffing plan are:

  • It must help to identify and acquire the best talent so a strong team can be built.
  • Communication skills must be considered a vital skill to boost collaboration.
  • It must support the project by maximizing productivity and efficiency.

Staffing Planning Template for HR Manager:

There are several templates used for staffing planning of the project resource management. These templates are helpful for project managers to develop and implement the staffing management plan.

Also, the staffing planning templates are useful is all the phases of the project management cycle such as Initiation, Planning, Execution, and Closure.

Few of the most common staffing planning template is:

  • Staff Identification and Acquisition Template
  • Staffing Allocation Template
  • Staffing Management Plan Template

HR Spreadsheet Template

The staffing management template can be easily developed using an excel spreadsheet tool. It must include all the details that are required for effective staffing planning. Below are the essential elements of the staffing management plan template:

  • Recruiting Source
  • Budget
  • Hire Goal
  • Funded or Not
  • Status of the Process
  • Assigned To
  • Comments
  • Start Date
  • Finish Date
  • Lessons Learned


Staff Resource Planning Template

Another famous and essential staffing planning template is the staff resource planning template. (Resource Capacity Planning) It works to plan the allocation of human resources as per the schedule of activities. Following are the important elements of the project staff allocation template:

  • Resources
  • Skill Set
  • Monthly or Weekly Allocation
  • Total of Headcount of each Skill Set
  • Total of Headcount of each Month or Week
  • Staffing Resource Plan Histogram

In conclusion, a staffing management plan template is an approach used by the project managers for the management of manpower in all project phases. It deals with all the aspects of manpower from recruitment, allocation, and budgeting. Therefore, project managers focus a lot on the development of an effective staffing management plan.

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