Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template

Without the engagement of multiple stakeholders in a plan – difficult to achieve success. Every project demands coordination, distortion-free communication, up-to-date trends in project management, and most importantly stakeholder engagement. So how you can make sure about the engagement of stakeholders in a particular project plan?

We have examples of the template (Excel, PPT) both for project documentation, reporting and describing the on-going plan. Check some well-designed templates created by ProjectsManagement.Net team.

PIE chart, different charts and figure based templates you can download for reporting projects during any stage. Just like stakeholder mapping template, these are accordingly to the same concept.

What is Stakeholder Engagement plan and why is it important?

For project support, it’s very important to coordinate every little issue with stakeholders. Without support, your budget and HR management could hurt badly. Many projects aren’t reaching closure stage, down in either project planning stage or execution phase.

Stakeholders either your supplier, shareholders or investors required a well-managed communication channel, which frequency either low or high. These template helping you with stakeholder analysis template -reporting and data collection.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan Template

For example, if any supplier is your stakeholder, then the frequency is very high in communication with the global supply chain management portal. Likewise, investors’ first priority is Meeting and market observation.

1.      Who is your most important stakeholder?
2.      Stakeholder register management is the key to project success
3.      When to engage? Who to coordinate? How to coordinate?
4.      Influencing factor of stakeholders in the project?
5.      Is this project running without stakeholder engagement?

Quick Overview:

1.      Stakeholder register management is the key step of engagement planning (Register template will help you)
2.      Make sure to engage stakeholder in every phase of project life-cycle<
3.      Through project budgeting to HR management, the stakeholder can play a role
4.      Avoid stakeholders conflicts during the project cycle, resolve through communication and involvement
5.      Create a list of stakeholder for upcoming projects, save time
6.      Some stakeholders much influence on the project, so this may lead the project either a negative or positive direction. The project manager should play their role here<
7.      Leadership play an extra role in engaging stakeholder

For creating a perfect plan, the project manager needs some experience as well as required different tools and templates of project management.

FAQ: Stakeholder Vs Shareholder

How to create Stakeholders Engagement Plan?

Developing engagement planning or creating isn’t a big issue if you have templates and stakeholder management kits available.  Just make sure about the to-do-list.

It defines the frequency and type of communications, through which media, what are the persons to contact, and locations of communication meetings. It is typically developed at the very beginning of the project.

Following are the essential part of a good stakeholder plan:

  1. List of Stakeholders
  2. Associated Risks
  3. Stakeholder Influence
  4. Stakeholder Interest
  5. Project Phases

List of Persons to Contact with

  1. Engagement Level
  2. Creating Stakeholder Engagement Plan of a project is a simple task which can be done by below steps,
  3. Classification of Stakeholders
  4. Development of Influence/Interest Grid
  5. Delineate Influence
  6. Delineate Interest

Use the above information to develop the Stakeholder Engagement

Note: we have a blank template or Fill in the Blank template for planning (As you can see in Image), Just download and develop OWN.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan Templates

There are good as well as tough stakeholders; a good one is easy to deal with while opposite ones take lots of time and effort of the project management team to keep them perfectly engaged with the project.

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Project Performance Reporting Template to Stakeholders

Different reporting templates being using in Microsoft PowerPoint and Word for reporting to stakeholder relates to the project.

Action Planning

Action plan after engagement of stakeholder either negative or positive, you can also call change impact. Here you take support critical chain project management

In PMBOK, there is lots of discussion regarding this topic.

A stakeholder engagement plan template is used to track each stakeholder’s location during project planning and project lifecycle. There are five possible locations of a stakeholder: Unaware, opposed, neutral, supportive, and leading.

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