Stakeholder Vs Shareholder (Analysis)

First, clear your concept between stakeholder and shareholder. Both are different, the shareholder could either become stakeholder or actively participate as a shareholder (part of the company).

Shareholder Definition

A person who has company ownership in a way that, he can use their rights for electing bodies (Board of the director) or get profit (dividends) in a company is called a shareholder.

Legally or registered individuals of a company having the authority of company profit and electing company’s governance. You can also call stockholder of the company.



According to shareholder’s type (BOND holder, preferred, common, creditors) company create the plan according to their terms and condition.

Stakeholder Definition

A person has an ownership interest in a company or a portion of the company or project. A stakeholder isn’t a permanent part of the company. Stakeholder effect directly or indirectly according to policies implemented by the shareholder.

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