SWOT Analysis Template Excel

SWOT analysis template excel is a very powerful tool used in many types of analysis. In this post, you can download Free SWOT strategically template for Free. Such as for making a decision about the new business model, looking for continuous improvement in the existing setup, and gap analysis.

In short, every person who works in the corporate sector must have a deal with this tool. Where usually is used for the evaluation of the feasibility of different projects and business model based on both internal and external analysis factors. Risk profit analysis chart, helping you also for creating this template.

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In this article, we will comprehensively discuss the basics of SWOT analysis along with the answer to major questions such as: Where and how to use the SWOT analysis?

By definition, the SWOT analysis stands as follows:

S = Strengths

W = Weaknesses

O = Opportunities

T = Threats

Moreover, it is used for the definition of business models based on the internal and external analysis in terms of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, threats respectively.

SWOT Analysis Template Excel (Key Features)

Although, the SWOT analysis application is equally helpful at all levels of an organization. However, most commonly it is used for comparison of businesses at startup or improvement stage.

SWOT analysis predefines the weaknesses and threats to the business model. Therefore, it allows the management to strategically plan things to minimize the risk of failure.

SWOT Analysis Template Excel

Where and how to use SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis template is used by project managers to compare different projects and business models based on SWOT internal and external analysis tools.

  1. Another powerful application of this analysis in the gap analysis.
  2. Where it is used as a technique to bridge the gap between the current position and future goals of an organization.

Keeping in view the application practically. It is important to clearly understand each of the following elements of the SWOT analysis. We have briefly explained each aspect to help in the effective utilization of SWOT analysis template excel.

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Strengths: These are the core competencies and positive attributes of any organization or project. It’s an internal analysis tool. So, it enlists and defines each strength of the business either it’s tangible or intangible.

There can be several core competencies of any business such as a highly professional team, well-trained labour, technological upper edge, brand reorganization and unique marketing strategy.

Weaknesses: Similar to the strengths, it’s also an internal factor of an organization. However, it enlists and discusses all the negative attributes of an organization that needs management attention.

For the definition of weakness, it can be anything tangible or intangible that considered a drawback from the customer’s perspective. It diverts the project from the success path and causes companies to lose the competition with direct competitors.

So, the unavailability of well-trained staff and the latest technology can possibly the biggest drawback of any organization.

Opportunities: Opportunity is the golden chances that can be manifold the success if utilized efficiently. This involves all the external factors that can contribute to the growth of an organization and the success of any business model.

Usually, for businesses, unmatched talent, earliest acquisition of new technology and change are the major opportunities.

Threats: Threats are usually the factors that aren’t under the control of the organization. However, early identification and proper planning can help to survive even in the worst cases.

Types of SWOT Analysis Template

For these reasons, risk analysis is used to implement mitigation strategies and making contingency plans.

Restaurant SWOT Analysis

Typically, the template for restaurant businesses. We designed this template for my client, now after permission, you can download for Free. In which we explain the detail of strategically restaurant competitor’s functions and templates. Check out stakeholder analysis template for in-depth.

Multiple Businesses SWOT Analysis Template

Different types of business suits this type of template. For IT businesses, Project Management Company, Software solution company, Hotel, recruitment agencies and other multiple businesses are using this type of SWOT Template.

Major threats to the businesses are normally the unstable political situation, the financial instability of the business and emerging competitors.

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