Every business needs a motto that effectively helps to simultaneously increase their revenue, decrease their expenditure and grow the business in value. And that my friends, is exactly the definition of Business Strategy. From securing an advantageous role in managing resourcing, Team methodology to using some Powerful project management tools like regression analysis.

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I have arranged a list of steps that could help you gain perspective of what a successful business strategy may be. However, just like strategic execution, there’s no hard and fast rule for a business strategy. Although, some of the following techniques may come in handy.

  1. Delivering Superior Profits: Every business’s ideal goal is to deliver better profits while keeping the costs low.
  1. Increasing prices and keeping the cost the same
  2. Keep prices the same but lower the costs
  3. Increase prices more than the rate of increasing costs
  4. Lower your prices less than the rate of lowering costs
  1. Increasing Willingness to Pay: Also, if you think about it. Some businesses may play reverse psychology and increase their willingness to pay. They may do this by introducing appealing features in their products or perhaps by spreading brand consciousness. For example, Apple products.
  2. Differentiating Their Offering: Another example of a business strategy is selling a product that stands out. Some businesses may choose to do this by building a unique product or perhaps offering free services along with their product.

Mainly three types of business strategy using project manager’s nowadays (Corporate, Business, Functional). According to the nature of the business project manager is using these strategies towards completion of any projects planning.

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