Before we start discussing how to manage resources, you must know what resources are. The materials, time, money and workforce et cetera required to execute a project is resources.


Successful management of resources is the key towards moderate, loss-free execution and a successful business.

Following are some of the very effective tips for Resource Management:

  1. Evidently, allocating time per project is important. Time is a very crucial and essential element when it comes to managing and evolving a project. The right percentage of work hours from total work hours per project is the key to yield maximum productivity.
  2. Make sure to block out unavailable time. Means, your employees may be out for meetings or other work-related issues, it’s important that their deadlines don’t clash with their professional unavailability.
  3. Execute risky plans using critical people. In other words, make sure you’re choosing the right person for the right job, it saves time and yields more productivity. Moreover, stay updated with the calculated estimates for the right decision-making in this regard.
  4. Make real-time time tracking and reporting compulsory.
  5. Recognize the bottlenecks and adjust quickly. Means, know when a situation or a person has peaked their limit. In other words, it’s your job to know the limitations in these challenges.
  6. Utilize systems accordingly to guide, not to punish.

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