Work Breakdown Structure Template Excel

The work breakdown structure (WBS) template is a list of tasks and sub-tasks of any project set according to the interdependencies and assigned a respective task number in headings format. Excel Base format, VISIO base especially for construction projects.

There are different techniques used in project planning to deal with making the project timeline, project schedule, and Gantt chart. However, these techniques are tools for making a strong project completion time. This work breakdown structure approach divides the complex project into small activities that can be dealt with independently to achieve the project deliverables.

  1. Step By Step you can create WBS Template Custom
  2. MS Excel base format. Mac compatibility also
  3. VISIO Work
  4. Breakdown Task of every project
  5. Variety of Sample available with some custom editing
  6. Especially for Construction and IT Projects
  7. For progress reporting, you must use this template

Moreover, the project work breakdown structure template is a hierarchical division of all the project tasks. So, multi-level information can be visually displayed for the achievement of project goals.

Work Breakdown Structure Template Excel

Also, the core of WBS is to evaluate the deliverables of the project and further division into sub-deliverables. Each deliverable requires a set of actions to perform for achievement.

Features of Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template:

The work breakdown structure is very significant in the project planning stage. It has several benefits in the project management application.

The work breakdown structure helps the project managers to have a look over all the tasks required for the achievement of project goals. The project cost estimate can be generated based on WBS.

  1. The major sections are divided into small chunks for assistance in the management and monitoring project progress efficiently.
  2. Track any document or project easily

The project timeline, schedule and Gantt chart can be created using a work breakdown structure. Also, the critical path method and project evaluation and review technique use a WBS for the analysis of the project. So, the critical path, critical and non-critical activities can be figured out.

  1. The assigned resources also utilize project work breakdown structure to avoid any duplication of the task.

This template is created using MS Excel for easy editing and customization to use in any type of project regardless of the project scale.

Creating Work Breakdown Structure Template in Excel?

There are several formats used for work breakdown structure representation. All the format have their own advantages over each other. However, few of the most commonly used ones are:

Outline view: This hierarchical structure view of work breakdown is inspired by the table of contents format. It has advantages over others in terms of easy understanding and simplicity.

Hierarchical Structure: Mostly outline view isn’t indented to support the visualization concept. However, the indentation isn’t preferred for multi-level sub-division of activities as it complex and makes it hard to understand.

WBS Dictionary: Work breakdown structure is a detailed view. It has guidelines and information for each work package. So, the activities can be successfully realized for the completion of the project.

Tree Structure View: Tree diagrams are common for the representation of multi-level hierarchical information. Moreover, special tools are available in MS Excel for creating the tree diagram of the work breakdown of a project.

Tabular View: Tables can also be used for the representation of the hierarchical multi-level information of the project work breakdown structure.


Types of WBS Template in Excel

Different types of WBS templates are available, some template for PPT slides for presenting work only. Some are using in project documentation or manage daily each task of particular project.

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Construction Work Breakdown Structure Excel

Both residential and commercial project, you can use this template. You can arrange construction daily report management & Report analysis. Help in creating PUNCH list and generating daily invoice of every task regarding any project.

WBS PPT Slides

Slides for presenting the project in front to stakeholders and shareholders or other Board members of the company. Some custom WBS slides are only available on request.

Work Package Template Excel

Another name of WBS, mostly users search by name of “Work Package Template”. Especially format in Excel and VISIO.

Work Breakdown Structure Template Visio

These actions are known as a task. However, Tasks can be further divided into sub-tasks to allocate the human and material resources for realization.

There is a set of sub-tasks that combine to achieve a certain milestone of the project know as a work package.

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