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Looking for a project tracking template? Here you can download the document tracker system in excel format? In this article, you can understand “Tracking Techniques” using during project life-cycle (Controlling & Monitoring Stage). Using this project tracking template, you can monitor issues, and track project progress.

Using this document tracker, you can manage your project methodology and overall planning. For project document tracker you can track any document quickly through dashboard.

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In project management, some documents are created for different purposes. Project documents include documents created before and during the project itself. It depends on the activities schedule and stakeholders mapping plan that what documents are required at what stage of the project life cycle.

  1. Use Project Portfolio as a Document tracker
  2. Use in tracking stakeholder mapping technique
  3. Best Technique of problem-solving in any product or project development

These documents also include project schedule, project outline, project plan, and document of any analysis performed during the project planning stage or project life cycle. This process has clear purposes instead of just creating piles of papers such as,

  1. These are used as memory containers for managing details that can’t be kept in people’s heads.
  2. It keeps the team and stakeholders updated and synced with project
  3. It structures and stimulates the critical thinking process

Why Document Tracker Template Excel?

In many projects, special importance isn’t given to documentation and sometimes ignored which often causes documents to be done late, poorly done, or not done at all. It is important to make documents promptly so it shouldn’t lose value. The importance of a document depends on factors like timing, use, and content of the document.

Document Tracker excel

Document tracking sheets are made at the project planning stage which carries information about each document that needs to be generated during the project life cycle. Most important documents in project management belong to the following stages of project planning and project life cycle,

  1. Project Plan and outline
  2. Project Scheduling and resourcing allocation
  3. Risk Analysis and Mitigation strategies
  4. Stakeholders Engagement and mapping plans
  5. Stakeholders’ communication and reporting
  6. Also managing Expense budget Tracking projects

Benefits of Document Tracking Spreadsheet

The key information a document tracking spreadsheet should present is a list of required documentation, specific reference, the importance of the document, documents linked with which activity, requested by, quantity needed and requested date of the document.

It is vital to create each document timely as delay may have serious impacts on project timelines. For example, in some construction project following documentation can be involved which need to be tracked properly promptly.

  1. Documentation Tracking during project planning (Project outline, project vision and goal, project schedule and risk analysis)
  2. Stakeholders (Stakeholders engagement assessment matrix, mapping, and communication plan)
  3. Documentation before construction meeting (Drawings, specifications and contract documentation)

Documentation before beginning work (Submittals, requests to sublet, building permits, requests for approval of material and equipment lists)

  1. Weekly Basis (Weekly project schedule and weekly inspection reports)
  2. Monthly Basis (Monthly payment documentation and monthly schedule)
  3. Documentation before project completion (Punch Lists)
  4. Documentation before final acceptance (Final inspection reports, progress photos and As-built)
  5. Ongoing documentation is (Purchasing documents, accident reports, communication records, change orders, and transmittals).

How Do I Create Document Tracker Excel Spreadsheet?

Keeping in view the importance of project documents tracking, it is critical to make a focused tracking sheet that will intimate the project manager about documentation required in each project phase during the project lifecycle.

Project management software can also be used to generate alerts about required documentation at milestones or during each project activity along the project timeline. Below are the simple steps which can be followed to make an effective documents tracker excel spreadsheet for a specific project.

Write a brief introduction to the project and project team at the top.

Enlist required documentation phase-wise during the project life cycle.

Add columns for incorporating information like document specific reference, impact and influence, associated risks, due date, responsible person, requested by and quantity needed.

For download document tracker excel, you either comment us. We will give you the Link of Download in your Email. Some specific types of changes in tracker could implement VIA contacting admin. Changes in TO-DO-LIST, Task LIST, Team member’s settings and other various changes in calendar and Milestone can easily change.

Multiple Project Tracking Template

You can use project portfolio for tracking multiple projects at a time. In this tracking you can manage task system, milestone, generate reports in PDF and Excel, Gantt chart and issue tracking.

For more updates about Document Tracker Excel and template you can contact us.

How to Do I Create Document Tracker Custom?

I have blank template, you just need to edit according to requirement. For more detail you can download ProjectSmanagement.Net



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