PMBOK Project Charter Template

Are you a Project Management professional? And are you aware of PMBOK?

Let’s download PMBOK project charter template according to PMP professionals. Before download, check project initiation document template PMBOK and guide for checklist download.

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If not, this reading will open new doors of knowledge and skill for you by introducing you the different tools and techniques for project management from Project Management Body of Knowledge guideline.

PMBOK Project Charter Template (Feature)

PMBOK is the abbreviation of Project Management Body of Knowledge and it contains the list of different standard tools and techniques used in the field of project management. As the industry is expanding and growing day by day so is the processes and techniques are changing with time. Furthermore, PMBOK is a standard guideline of managing projects with the help of different standard and verified tools and templates.

History of PMBOK Guide

The first edition of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) was issued in 1996. With time the guide has developed, and more improved editions have been published with updated techniques. We already have PMBOK 6 edition available in market. The project management professionals are looking forward to getting the 7th edition very soon probably in 2021.

Why there is need for PMBOK?

Now the question is why we need to use PMBOK guideline for the project management. As we have already discussed above that this is basically the collection of techniques and tools required for project management. Every project managing require and need to use some tools and templates at some point during the project progress.

PMBOK Project Charter Template

These tools ensure that the project is running smoothly. And this will also save quite a lot of time. As, lots of money and resources goes to waste every year due to mismanagement. It is helpful and easy to get all the standard tools on hand in one guide. That is why PMBOK Project Charter Template has gained great popularity among the years and one of the favorites. Therefore, it has become one of the promising and most useful guides of collection of different projects managing tools and principals.

Types of PMBOK Templates

As the project management professionals are expecting the release of PMBOK 7TH edition in 2021.  It is heard that the coming edition will focus mainly on the principals and technique. And there will be 12 principles and 8 performance domains included in it.

Therefore, all the projects are comprising of 5 main steps which are initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion. All the PMBOK guides mainly focuses on the different techniques for these steps.

Every template is of great importance and very effective in project management. Different template is for different stage along the process of project progress.

  1. Project Charter PMBOK:

First tool is project charter. It basically is the signed and verified standard plan of the project. This is created prior to the start of project and is considered as one of the initial process in project planning and management. The charter is known to be the backbone of a project.

  1. Project Management Plan:

There is another tool called project management plan and is one of very important tool. This is basically the main part and core of the project. As it unifies and collect all the small plans at one place. So, it is one big and comprehensive plan of the project from beginning till end.

  1. Work Breakdown Structure:

Then we have another very handy and useful tool known as work breakdown structure. These divides and categories the tasks in smaller pieces. This way the project gets easy and gets handled in a batter wand most effective way possible.

  1. Communications Management Plan PMBOK:

As we all know communication among the team members is very crucial for the completion of project successfully. There is another tool called communication managing planning which helps in making sure that there is proper communication between the team members. Communication is arguably the most important and most

  1. Scope Management Plan:

A high percentage of finances and resources goes to waste due to lack of scope in business. Before starting a business you must calculate and plan the scope. There is a tool called scope management plan available for this cause.

  1. Risk Management Plan PMBOK:

In a business setup risk management has a great place when it comes to project managing. Without using a risk managing planning template you can face swear issues and can lose control of your project.

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