Resource planning is one of the most extensive functions in project management. In this post, I will access you to download Team resource planners in a different format of Microsoft excel or (Spreadsheet). Project managers have to manage a lot of resources. It is required to arrange, track, monitor, and control all the resources.

There is some software and spreadsheet-based expensive software are available, but for small business, you need only this one. Check, what is resource management for basic understanding.

Moreover, it includes many types of resources such as materials, equipment, and human resources. However, human resource management is the toughest one.

Article: Resource capacity Planner Excel

Some the example of team resource planner excel is in different searching in Browser. Although the concept is the same, either you are looking for the development process, initiating planner template or strategically template.

  1. Team Resource Allocation Template
  2. Team Resource Schedule Template
  3. Team Development Plan
  4. Team Strategic Plan
  5. Team Resource Action Plan
  6. Team Resource Planning Responsibility Matrix
  7. Team Workload Planning Template

Key Template features of Team Resource Planning

The team resource planning template excels also helps the project managers to hire the project team having the most suitable skill set. Therefore, project management professionals recommend using the best template and tools.

The business or project mostly works on a detailed resource plan. Inexperienced project managers put all the available tools in action that don’t result in any fruitful results. However, waste a lot of time and human effort.

Team Resource Planning Excel

Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the right template accordingly to the nature of the business of the project.

The use of template excel is to manage all the functions related to human resource management of a project. It helps in the recruitment process, skill development, and employee retention strategies.

Elements of Team Resource Planning Template Excel:

There are several types of templates have been mentioned in the above section. However, must-have components of a simple team resource planning template can be listed as follows:

  • Department
  • Skill/Role
  • Resource
  • Work (Hours)
  • Headcount
  • Spare Capacity
  • Calendar

Another task allocation template used in the team resource planning phase includes the following elements:

  • Tasks
  • Responsible Person
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Duration of the Task

Custom Resource Planning Spreadsheet

The team resource planning templates are available as a built-in option in many professional project management systems. However, this software is very expensive. Therefore, every project budget doesn’t allow the purchase of such expensive tools.

  1. In this regard, the use of free MS Excel-based spreadsheets is preferred by the project managers. These spreadsheet templates are equally helpful for the effective planning of the team resources of a project.
  2. The key features of such templates are the requirement of the only basic skill level of the excel tool, easily editable and customizable.

Several approaches can be used by project teams for effective team resource planning. Some of the most commonly used ones include SWOT analysis, organizational chart, scenario planning, replacement chart, 9 box grid, and RACI chart.

In conclusion, team resource planning excel is a very helpful excel spreadsheet used for all the functions of human resource management. The key functions involve recruitment, training, retention, allocation, workload management, and capacity planning. Moreover, this template can equally helpful for projects and businesses.

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