A relationship management plan is an organizational strategy of maintaining a level of engagement with its customers and other stakeholders. This management is related to customers/investors and all the stakeholders including employees and suppliers. Some software or template are helping project managers regarding more and more communication relating to any project or projects.

Business to consumer (B2C) and business to the other businesses (B2B) relationship management is defined during the construction of a relationship plan. This approach focuses on the building and spreading partners thinking between the business and its patrons, instead of just keeping the relationship as transactional.

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  1. Project manager must create B2B, B2C and C2C plan for building a good relationship
  2. This plan is work also for the internal department of an organization
  3. PDF and Word template of Microsoft is used in creating this plan
  4. CRM is an integral part of this plan
  5. easily identify the problem, enhance communication, and resolve any issue
  6. Utilization of resources is also discussing in this plan

It includes the application of strategies to improve brand loyalty and client support for the business/project. A most important relationship in businesses and projects is with clients.

Investors are also considered as customers in project management as they have purchased your project plan by investing funds into it. In project management, relationship managers are hired for maintaining the interest of potential investors in the project based on their impact, influence, and power.

Relationship Management Plan Template

Example of Relationship Management Plan Template

There are two key domains of relationship management in businesses and project;

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Template:

B2C approach focuses on customer relationship management. The tools and strategies under this approach help to build a harmonious or rapport relationship with the company and a project team. Market trends and other analysis are used to see the interest of investors and clients in the product using a significant amount of market and historical data of sales.

Business Relationship Management (BMR) Template:

This relationship management approach covers all the B2B relationships such as employees, suppliers, the end user’s in case of project, distributors and other associated businesses.

BMR intense to promote a partner’s approach between the business and its supplier that benefits both the businesses in a number of ways. It builds a trustful environment and solidifies the rules to resolve disputes and negotiations.

Components of Relationship Management Template:

In project management, relationship management is one of the key tasks monitored and managed by project managers for getting timely funds and materials required for the timely delivery of the project. The major components of relationship management in project lifecycle that must be covered by relationship management plan template are;

  1. It must help to create a relationship with all the stakeholders of the project. It defines the factors that support establishing the impact and influence of stakeholders over the project.
  2. It should define the roles of stakeholders and set expectations with stakeholders in order to get maximum outcome.
  3. It should cover the approach of relationship sustainability in order to involve stakeholders in change management and risk management.
  4. It helps to recognize the need, identify reactions, outline the steps, and prepare project teams to hold difficult conversations with the key stakeholders of the project.
  5. It must describe the procedure of appreciations after the project and help to maintain the relationship with stakeholders beyond the project.

Relationship Management Plan Template helping you easily generate reports data to project manager regarding any project. We (ProjectsManagement) team will helps you relates to any project planning & developing stage.

In project management, maintaining a relationship with all the key stakeholders is the most important activity that is defined, planned and executed under the project stakeholder management knowledge area. With key processes of project stakeholder engagement plan, mapping techniques, communication, and reporting approaches.

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