Project Appraisal Excel Template

Project appraisal template is a preformatted tool that helps the project managers to evaluate the feasibility and viability of a project or a business model. In this article, you can understand about “appraisal template” and download in excel format for any project. Key Features of Project Appraisal Template This toolContinue Reading

In the project management planning phase, the project schedule is made keeping in view the activities dependencies. You can say, from initiating planning to closure stage, all factors are dependent on another factor in each stage. Project dependency is a curtailment based logical relationship between tasks or activities such thatContinue Reading

Before launching the project you must require different kinds of templates of product management. This isn’t a proposal template, these templates guide you on how to design your project according to the standard checklist. Launching a new product involves a lot of activities to be done properly. There are thingsContinue Reading

Product Backlog Excel Template

Before discussing the Product Backlog Template, you must know what Agile Product Backlogging is. Generally, people take the word backlog in a negative connotation. Microsoft Excel, tools has been using in development of product Backlog. However, in Agile Methodology, the word Backlog stands for the list of all the remainingContinue Reading