Time Study is one of the most important elements of the work-study technique. Through this spreadsheet template, you can manage your time and study efficiently. MS Excel is the tool, which the developer utilizes to create this template. There are two major parts of work-study: Method Study and Work Measurement. Here, the work measurement is also known as the time study of the process.

Moreover, the work-study technique is used to improve the productivity of a process by eliminating the wastes and non-value adding operations, standardizing the method and time for completion of a task. So, time study is here to deal with the concern of standardizing the time required to complete a task.

  1. Help in Employee Time Management
  2. Spreadsheet-based template (Record every week)
  3. Worksheet sampling of daily time management
  4. Can use in Time and Motion study management, and staffing management plan
  5. Can work on Apple MAC and other devices

The time study template is used in the process of observing and recording the time required to perform a certain task according to the standard operating procedure.

The template has a preformatted table to record the observations concerning time study principles. However, a task may include three types of operations: Manual, Mental, and Machine.


Therefore, the time study template excel uses a term standard time that focuses on the time required to perform the activity by an average worker.

Key Features of Time Study Template

There are several advantages of conducting a time study in a process. The outcome of the process can be used in many ways to improve the productivity of a process. However, few of the best uses of time study template are:

  1. Time study is used to calculate the standard time for activities. So, the employees’ appraisal system can be managed according to their work performance.
  2. It helps to estimate the use of resources such as man and machine. So, the accurate cost of the product can be calculated.
  3. The production of a facility can also be controlled using a time study tool.
  4. The evaluation of the standard time helps in providing the exact delivery schedule to the customers without any unnecessary margins.
  5. Accurate estimation of the labor required to achieve a certain level of production is achieved using a time study tool. It eliminates unnecessary costs and improves the productivity of the process.

Terms involved in Time Study Spreadsheet:

There are several professional terms involved in the process of time study. It is necessary to understand each term for the effective use of the time study template. Let’s discuss each term briefly in this article. These templates work also for WBS template excel.

Observed Time: It is a time taken by any worker to perform an activity.

Normal Time: It is a time required to perform an activity at a normal pace by an average worker according to the SOP of activity. It is calculated by multiplying the average observed time with the performance rating of a worker.

Performance Rating: The performance rating is the percentage used to compare the actual pace of the work being done with the normal pace of doing the work. Therefore, the performance rating of the worker is 100% if he performs the activity at the pace being considered normal for the activity.

However, the performance rating will be less than 100% if the work will be performed at a slower pace than the normal one.

Standard Time: The standard time is calculated by adding the work allowance in the normal time of performing and activity.

Allowances: Allowance is a time in which no work is performed by the worker. These include relaxation, contingency, rejection, interference, excessive work, tools, and machinery allowances.

Types of Time Study Template

Various types of the template have been introduced for managing time in the workplace and process improvement planning. Some of the main type templates are listed below, for more type or custom type you must contact ProjectsManagement.NET

Google Sheet of Time Study

Google spreadsheet is mostly using nowadays. Due to saving records and create the printable template you can enjoy and get benefit from it.


Time Study Worksheet for Employees

50% of this template is using in the workplace and educational site. With little bit changing, you can use this template for creating To-Do-List and shift schedule template.

In addition, these kinds of templates/tools are using for more work like manufacturing scheduling, production, and inventory scheduling and other business time management.


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