Change Impact Assessment Template

A change impact assessment system is a process used by a business to analyze the actual impact of the change in terms of achieved objectives. Format of Excel is available of change impact in any project life-cycle phase.
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Whenever a drastic change is made in the processes, technology, product mixture, culture, or the geographical location of a business. Almost of all of its stakeholders are impacted directly or indirectly.

  1. Change Impact template with ITIL project
  2. Change impact analysis
  3. Matrix or framework

Therefore, it is important to analyze the pre and post impacts of change on individuals, teams, business functions, departments, and job responsibilities. Moreover, it specifies the processes and technology that are replaced by the implementation of change.

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So, a proper framework is followed by the businesses to plan and prepare the change and its impact assessment. The change impact assessment template provides a preformatted document to ensure the perfect implementation of the change management framework of a business.

Change Impact Assessment Framework Template:

There are different approaches and frameworks used by the businesses to perform the change impact assessment. However, it is essential for every business to must define a framework of assessment before implementing the change.

However, the key performance indicator can be defined by the business to monitor after the change realization. So, a specific set of data must be collected to perform assessment analysis. Moreover, the process flows and mappings can be reviewed as it is and how these will be after the change implementation.

Change Impact Assessment Template

This approach allows the business to identify the factors that are getting affected by the change. However, the individual, teams and job roles can also be segregated based on the impact rating.

Therefore, an impact rating of the change for each business function is defined by the severity and level of the impact. So that the change management team should check the viability of change and plan mitigation strategies for the consequences.

The process to Perform Change Impact Assessment Analysis:

A six steps approach is recommended to use for the assessment of change impact on the business processes.

  1. Definition of the Resources that will be responsible for conducting and documenting the process flow and mappings.
  2. Approaches for communication with the Resources that are responsible for performing assessment and documentation.
  3. Make sure to discuss the change impacts report with the project team, business and subject experts, and business key stakeholders.
  4. Project Management maturity assessment
  5. Get feedback and review the assessment.
  6. Integrate the feedback and summarize the impacts on the business.
  7. Make a presentation to discuss the impacts with senior management, leaders and steering committee of the business.
  8. Develop the training program, mapping and engagement activities to get maximum advantage out of change impact assessment analysis.

Change Impact Matrix Template:

The change impact matrix is prepared during the impact assessment analysis for several reasons. The key benefits of change impact matrix are:

  1. It provides a good and easy understanding of change impacts.
  2. It helps to start the discussion on risk mitigation planning.
  3. Highlight the areas that require intense communication and training.

The change impact matrix includes columns for the role, technology, processes, and impact severity on these.

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