Strategic Quality Management

In layman terms, the development and deployment of strategic plans in an organized way are Strategic Quality Management. However, for a deep understanding of the topic, let’s look at each segment individually. In this article, you can identify the strategic quality planning factors influencing directly on a particular project.

You can also download a variety of Microsoft templates of strategic planning. Make sure this included the tool of the project management life-cycle execution phase. Many managers use this strategy to ensure project standards or quality.

Quick Overview:

  1. Different Templates and tools are available for ready-made strategic planning for you
  2. Create a conflict management strategy in this plan, identify needs and project prioritization
  3. Process improvement and Gap analysis techniques using in this model
  4. Improve the flow of communication plan both internal and external of an organization regarding the sake of the particular project
  5. If Planning is more then 5-years ensure up-to-date trends and technology, which help project meeting quickly to closure stage
  6. Any type of legal requirements
  7. Risk management is also a part of quality management approach

What is Strategy? 

When someone uses the word strategy, they’re normally referring to a plan of action to achieve organizational goals, and it usually correlates to their position in the marketplace.

What is Strategic Quality Management?

It refers to the successful development, deployment, and execution of strategic plans. Furthermore, it involves the development of the organizational mission, vision, values, and goals of the development of policies and plans, in addition to the execution and evaluation of those plans.

Strategic Quality Management

In other words, to put the development of organizational mission, vision, values, policies, and plans, followed by their successful execution and evaluation, is Strategic Quality Management.

This strategic planning ensures a breezy flow of organizational plans, combined with a constant effort to maintain top-notch and quality results.

Importance of SQM in Project Management

The field of Project Management and Strategic plans go hand in hand. Think about it, a Project Manager may be able to lead an informal project without explicitly using any Strategic Management Rules but it doesn’t mean he/she isn’t following the strategy.

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For example, let’s suppose there’s a team of game developers who happen to be very breezy coders. They may develop a successful game with minimal effort in no time but the Project Manager leading the development will have to maintain a timeframe or a strategy to bring that game into existence. Now, whether that game development project just requires small time assigning strategies or a full-blown formal project charter, it depends upon the need of the hour.

Strategic Quality Tools

Interestingly, there are a number of tools for Strategic Quality Management and the scope of it happens to be very vague. While one company may need a full-fledge software product for their Quality Assurance department, another team may just get it done using basic flowcharts, Project Launch Checklist, check-sheets, and histograms.

We’ve put together a list of a few Strategic Management Tools so that you may have a practical idea of what we’re talking about here.

  1. Flowchart

Almost each one of us is familiar with a flowchart. A flowchart basically explains and documents the process of workflow. Besides this, Flowcharting through different steps of one process may help to explain what’s actually going on in the project and help in shedding light over the micro details that one may miss otherwise.

  1. Fish Bone Diagram

A fish-bone diagram is also known as a cause and effect diagram and sheds light on the many possible causes of one step. To illustrate, you write a problem you’re facing and then subjectively look at the effects and causes of it. Eventually, as all the causes are listed, you can develop an improvement plan with the help of some brainstorming with the team to help resolve a problem.

  1. Check Sheet

A check sheet can be any data-collecting tool. For instance, the HR department may make use of the Check Sheet to regularly populate it with the same questions asked by the employers throughout the month, or a number of times a certain same incident happens. This information helps to eradicate confusion.

  1. Control Charts

Control charts help to monitor data over time and identify any variations if there are, throughout. Similarly, you may also plot any data points and explain the movement of data during any process. Hence, Control Charts are an effective tool for any quality management plan.

  1. Histograms

Histograms can be used to detect patterns, demonstrating an analysis that helps to understand variation in data. Also, you may use Histograms for data patterns within typical process conditions.

Influence of Implementation Strategic Planning

Following are some key influences of Implementation Planning:

  1. A better grip on environmental pressure as a project manager.
  2. Also, a better grip on the quality and coherence of policy.
  3. Moreover, clarity of organizational and project goals followed by simple execution and evaluation.
  4. Key people leading change within a project, followed by a simple and supportive organizational culture.

Elements of Strategic Quality Management

Following are some distinctive elements of SQM:

Mission: Mission is the short term goal, which basically revolves around the completion of the present project, by following strategic execution and evaluation plans.

Vision: Vision is essentially a tone-setting idea, designed to align and inspire the stakeholders in an organization.

Values: Also, values are the key regulations an organization operates on, wouldn’t compromise on, and make sure that they’re meeting those values in each project.

Goals: Lastly, goals are the long-term potential achievement of an organization. For example, being a proactive software development house in the market followed by entrepreneur ideas.

Strategic Planning Templates Excel

The templates of Strategic Planning can range from being extremely simple to somewhat complex. For example, a to-do list for the next day some individuals like to make for themselves is an example of Strategic Planning.

Strategic Quality Management

A combination of a fish-bone diagram, Histograms, Flowcharts, Check Sheets, and simple to-do lists can also work just as well for an Excel Template of Strategic Planning.

TQM Template

Templates if available both PPT and XLSX format. Complete details through charts, diagrams according to total quality management principal.

PPT Template

PowerPoint slides of quality management. We have professional slides of strategic quality management planning or only strategical.

Excel Format

Excel sheet for documentation, you can also import the sheet into Word or PDF.


Lastly, if you’ve understood the above points, the best approach for you would be to design your own MS Excel Template, a template that compliments your own needs and revolves around your definition of SQM.

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