Looking for completed your project plan, and need some changes before going towards the closure phase? In this article, we will discuss how to implement change policy – some guide and related template for easy work.

PDF or word Microsoft template – best for project manager during the execution phase of project management. it’s very important before submitting the post-implementation report.

  1. According to PMP Guideline
  2. PDF and Doc format is used for creating the template
  3. Ready-Made Change Policy Template for the project manager
  4. Reporting for Stakeholders and Investors
  5. Summarize detail to table of content include

What is Change Management Policy?

Change management policy is the policy that is used to describe the procedures, responsibilities, and policies to be followed in case any change occurs to any domain of the project or particular company.

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The purpose of this policy is to ensure there must be no negative impact of the change occur on the infrastructure of the company and the progress of the project. It helps to inform all necessary stakeholders about the change in advance before the implementation so all other activities can be scheduled accordingly.


Change Policy Management for Small Business

In project management, it is really important to monitor and control as it’s a vital process of project communication. The change policy management for small businesses is also equally important as it defines the framework of how the change is going to happen to avoid any trouble in any process of the business.

Change is transformation, alteration or modification of the standard or planned operating procedures that significantly impacts on the projects’ reliability and stability, and normal operations.

Event is an activity that affects the project reliability and stability due to change in the planned or standard operating procedures of the project activities. Any misuse of the changed policy will have a negative impact on the project timeline and progress. Even and change terms are mostly used interchangeably.

Change Request is submitted officially via email to the project managers. Stakeholders’ can request the change in procedure, responsibility or policy via the helpdesk email session to the appropriate member of the project management team.

The scope of the Policy covers all the major stakeholders of the project. The key stakeholder investors, end-users, project team, suppliers contractors, consultants, workers, and third-party personnel.


Template Format of Change Management Policy:

CMP template is helpful in effectively handling and delivering any change in the project. It carries all the crucial information about the change that needs to be presented to the project key stakeholders.

Components of Template

At the header of the template, basic information such as project name, project manager name, organization, change policy date is mentioned. The case for change is presented in the template with the information such as proposed change, why change is required, intended outcome, estimated timeframe, estimated costs, additional factors, stakeholders impact, and staff & operations impact.

Reporting Section

Approvals of change administrator, consultant, and other stakeholders are taken after the presentation of the case for change. The next section of the template is to provide cost and benefit estimates of the change.

Change of project costs is monitored under categories such as estimated project costs, structural changes, and new potential hires. On the other hand, benefits are calculated based on factors such as potential redundant positions and other estimated savings due to change.

If these change management policy template isn’t using for your business then you can request us and requires customization.


PDF overview (https://is.oregonstate.edu/sites/is.oregonstate.edu/files/projects/change-management-policy.pdf)

A descriptive Details: (https://www.l2l.com/change-management-policy)

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