Risk profit analysis is a tool used by investors and project managers to evaluate the profitability of a business model or project keeping in view the associated risks. Download Excel template for better financial planning & development.  A variety of template has been introduced by our developers, so let’s check some of the Cost-benefit analysis for different businesses like Hotel, Restaurant ETC.

SWOT Analysis template excel can help you during the creating of this model custom.

Templates basically format of Microsoft Excel or Spreadsheet. Based on Formulas and ratio analysis. Best template for stakeholders risk analysis.

It compares the possible outcome or returns to the risk taken to capture those returns. Risk profit analysis is added in the project outline report and feasibility study report to answer the following questions;

  1. What are the possible risks?
  2. What is the expected outcome or profit of a project or a business Risk Analysis model?
  3. What impact risks may cause on profitability?
  4. Are there any solid mitigation plans to deal with risks?

The feasibility study is conducted to check the profitability and practicality of a proposed business case or project. It is a key tool used by entrepreneurs to attract investors for making investments into their business or project.

Risk Profit Analysis Template Excel

The number of analyses performed in this regard to evaluate the viability of the project in terms of return on investment, cost-benefit analysis, net present value analysis, and feasibility payback analysis. Following are the basic analysis approaches used to make feasibility study;

  1. Financial Analysis
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Technical Analysis
  4. Operational Analysis
  5. Organizational Analysis

A risk is anything that has the likelihood to come across during the project lifecycle and has an adverse effect on the performance and quality of the project. In project management, project risk management is a key phase in which the following processes are performed with reference to project process groups;

  • Planning
    • Identification of Risks
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Analysis
    • Risk Responses
  • Execution
    • Implementation of Risk Responses
  • Monitoring and Controlling
    • Monitor Risks

Its purpose phase to minimize the likelihood of its occurrence and impact on the project timeline. Moreover, there is still a need to classify risks as;

  • Quantitative Risk Analysis: It’s a statistical approach that is used to determine the likelihood of its occurrence. Project managers use sensitivity and scenario analysis for making decisions and mitigation plans.
  • Qualitative Risk Analysis: It doesn’t focus on the quantitative or numerical rating of the risk. It is used to evaluate the extent of adverse effect or impact it may cause. Risk mitigation action plans are made keeping in view the qualitative aspect of risk.

Significance of Risk Profit Analysis Template

Creating a Risk register is the best way to the documentation of particular risks in the on-going project plan. Risk profit analysis template can help to improve the profitability in a number of ways such as;

  • It improves efficiency
  • It helps to reduce costs (hidden costs)
  • It enhances stakeholder confidence
  • It protects the reputation

A basic Risk profit analysis template can be made by following below simple steps;

  1. Enlist all the project activities or investments along with their associated risks.
  2. Write down the likelihood of occurrence against each risk.
  3. Write down the extent of the impact it may cause.
  4. Rate a risk score based on qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.
  5. Write down the expected profit, outcome, or return of each investment or project activity.

5*5 Risk Profit Matrix

This model is using mostly businesses to analyze their profit ratio for up to 5 years. If you have financial forecasting template, then you can better control this model.

Link: Milestone Trend Analysis Template

3*3 Risk Profit Matrix

Another model for evaluating business performance (Income) for up to 3 years.

Contact us for the Download risk profit analysis template. Do compare and use ratios to analyze and evaluate the profitability of a business model or project based on risk score and return or profit.

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