Value Chain Analysis Template Excel

Looking for value chain analysis for product marketing & development? We have Excel-Based Template (Diagrams & Charts) for your project development documentation & planning.These template is using for organization internal affair management. Using these value chain model, you can easily identify project costing & other resources.

Every Organization follows a set of tasks and activities in a defined order to complete an objective. These sets of tasks are called Value Base. Check out critical chain project management for more specific diagrams and documentation.

  1. Excel-Based Organized Template & Tools for Values Chain Diagrams
  2. Templates are Available in (PDF & PPT)
  3. Value Chain Analysis Diagrams & Strategical template

The sequence or arrangement in which the activities will be performed is the key to Value Base.  Selected co-workers get together to fulfill the potential needs of the market using this Value Base. For the download Value chain Analysis template, you can request ProjectsManagement.NET team of experts.

Value Chain Analysis Template Excel (Features)

Value chain analysis is a strategy to give priority to activities and operations in an organization found in Value Base. Based on these priority levels, the most significant activities are determined. These activities act as the focal point for the organization.

The other not so important activities are improved at the later stage of the development process. This is because of the competition of the other Organizations in the market.

Value Chain Analysis Template Excel

In simple words, it is a company’s perspective of finalizing the top-level activities first to gain a competitive advantage in the market. This concept was originated by Michael Porter according to which, an organization divides a project into two main fragments:

  1. Primary Activities
  2. Supporting Activities

Importance of Value Chain Analysis

As mentioned before, Value-Based Analysis gives an organization a competitive advantage over other organizations by focusing on primary activities. Both Cost and Differentiation creates a high reputation in the eyes of the customer. Differentiation means the creation of a unique and distinct product or service as compared to the market.  In general, a company’s goal is to supply value to the highest point with the minimum cost possible. By inspecting any of the five primary activities, Organizations uplift their overall profit percentage.

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Primary activities contain those processes that are highly related to customers such as services, marketing, sales, etc.  So, simply, by doing these activities first, the customer is satisfied on time which is the highest priority for any Organization resulting in increased payback.

Create Value Chain Analysis in Excel (Steps)

How to create value chain analysis in MS excel?

  • Identification of all the primary and supporting activities of the product or service

The first step involves the identification of all the activities and then classifying them as either primary or secondary. Careful Evaluation is undertaken at this step because it acts as the basis of further processing.

  • Calculation of the cost and differentiation of activities

This step takes into account all the activities in terms of business. What values will be provided to the customers and what benefits will be designated to the Organization in the result is calculated for each activity.

  • Analyzing opportunities

Since the values for the activities become visible, it becomes clear-cut to the Organization and Stakeholders that which areas are improving and could be beneficial and which areas need more attention.

Influence of Implementation Planning

Following are some key influences of implementation planning:

  1. A keen focus on the identification process of the activities
  2. A detailed analysis using six hat technique to find views from every perspective
  3. Moreover, the timely development of deliverable to maintain customer’s interest
  4. Clarity of ideas
  5. A thorough process of opportunity identification

Elements of Value Chain Analysis Template

The primary activities include:

  • Inbound Logistics

This contains the resources obtained from the stakeholders during the initial phase.

  • Operations

These are the operations and the tasks performed during the development process to create the expected product or service according to the requirements of the customer.

  • Outbound Logistics

This is the delivery phase of the developed product or service.

  • Marketing and Sales

The way in which the product or service will be marketed.

  • Services

This includes the other customer satisfaction services that will be delivered along with the product such as guarantees, warranties, customer support, etc.

Similarly, the supporting activities include the following four activities:

  1. Procurement
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Technological Development

Template (PDF – PPT) of Value Chain Analysis

The template of Value chain Analysis can range from project to project. For Simple Projects, just a simple hand-drawn model or a simple drawing software tool can be used to construct the model. Just like Critical Path Analysis, this type of template is very essential for project planning.

However, for the complex and extensive project that lasts for a considerable amount of time, the best approach would be to use SmartDraw software tool.

The best way to get the most out of the above points is to give it a glance and then practice it for three to four projects. Lastly, try to apply this Value chain Analysis template on complex projects to get a detailed knowledge of the concept.

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