Today’s Topic: “Feasibility Study Template” In this article, we will discuss feasibility report management through an excel template, why this study is so important in project management? This is a part of the project initiating phase (Life cycle).

Given the feasibility study template excel is a complete set, which you can use for hotels, restaurants, and other business management.

Features of Feasibility Study Template

In the business world when you want to invest more time and money, feasibility use to distinguish the benefits. This is in consideration for a company, economically and technically to execute the project in the best way. Without the feasibility study template, you face the difficulty of creating financial forecasting report of the particular document

  1. Complete Word & Excel Format Template
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  3. Blank Template with To-Do-List Available
  4. Conducting Feasibility analysis is so easy

Usually, the study about feasibility is taking all related projects into contemplation. This is the best choice for project managers to study feasibility either invest is best or not. It is also providing information on how a company can save their reputation from risky business.

Feasibility Study Template Excel

It is also helpful in projects and business as statements of accounts, a brief description of products, policies and market research, requirements of legal and tax obligations. It comes first in project implementation and development in a technical era.

Types of Feasibility Study Template

Feasibility Study Template Types

Here are necessary and incredible types of a feasibility study that tells about the importance of projects management;

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Economically Feasibility Study Template

This report determines the fact of the cost of a particular project. Calculate expense budget, revenue forecasting and other variables for economically feasibility.  It is also for the best study or analysis for the project which is connected with different projects before financial capital to be paid.

Methodological Feasibility Study Template

Methodological or technical feasibility includes hardware and software demands of the system which is anticipated. For instance, an industry can’t even try to put any transporter in their house or building – that’s not feasible from a technical point of view.

As more and more organization concludes with either the technical team is capable to modify the trends (meet with the system) or not. They’re completely focused on the technical viability that is part of any organization.

Legally Recognized

Different industries prefer to save their time, money and effort by a study that isn’t viable from the initial level. Under the law, feasibility projects may conflict with legislative necessities (Zoning law), as well as data safety or social media laws.

Operational or Prepared Feasibility

Its purpose to scrutinize how a plan satisfies the needs to recognize in the feasibility analysis of the system segment of development. This is a basic template of project manager.

Scheduling Feasibility Template

Yet the most important factor to assess the success of the project. No doubt a plan may be unsuccessful if it isn’t meet with the deadline. Usually, an organization calculates the time from beginning to end.

Components of Good Feasibility Study Excel

The best is in feasibility to study the all factors related project. Usually, a complete feasibility study is about economical, technical and other aspects that may profitable or not.

As well as it provides you with the exact answer either you should spend money or not. This isn’t about money also the new ideas and resources. This is all based on the provided information upon – the decision is based.

How to create Template

Here are Some Listed Analyses of The Good Feasibility Study

Current analysis

This way of analysis is used to calculate all ideas and trends of the product system in projects. It also helps to figure out the advantages and disadvantages. Additionally, all system of analysis purpose is to save time and money. Without analysis to take any initiative, it would be bad results.


The main and important factor is to check all the requirements for all advance trends. At initial phase must check all the requirements for trendy ideas and products. Requirements explain about what is necessary and what is not for projects.

Scope of the project

It is considerable to that project details and all scope should be clear and well define. The person who is supporting the project included and all partners till the last users. The best and clearly explain the project makes sure the viable study in a good way.


A complete calculation also is estimated for all purposes. The summary of the total cost evaluated and prepared for the return investment. What will be the cost of labor, either from pocket or not, also calculated from the start to end?


When you want to meet with the best requirements, you have to figure out other optional solutions. The benefits of the approaches to define all selections concluded with feasibility.


Above all the factors about feasibility elements analysis, requirements, etc, and overview is important. Its purpose to verify the precision of all the decision-related projects.

Feasibility study AProject Management Tool?

Before any business and project remember the feasibility study is necessary. It purposes to check all the requirements and scope of the project. Yet business ideas are getting more efficient and take into reality. In short feasibility or viable study defines the particular functionality either good or viable.

This is conducting with the business plan to set up and necessary to study the feasibility once the business has been deemed. Eventually, risk management explains the related and survival of your industry isn’t depends. For example, an organization or business is conducting a viable study to offer opportunities, other new candidates.

Feasibility Study Template in Excel

Any project and business point of view the idea put in the template, purpose to explain the feasibility. Whereas the potential capability also defines the needs and solutions, it is viable.

  1. First and most important is “Title”
  2. The title is starting with the name of your organization & project name – information
  3. Write your project name in the bracket, the header of the document.
  4. Then write down all the information.
  5. Save your file with the name of XYZ
  6. Update the file name in the document footer by right-clicking and selecting “edit footer”
  7. These column/tables are also offering as optimal layout, the information required
  8. In this template, all contents are in short form (abbreviated) instructions.
  9. When your documents have been done, delete all abbreviated content.
  10. Simply change or update the table with a click.
  11. Easy to update the complete table of content.
  12. Easy to delete page anytime if a feasibility study template is done.

Hotel Feasibility Study Template

Fully customize feasibility study for hotel, in which detail study of expense budget, room booking details and financial reporting.

Restaurant Feasibility Study Template

Typically for restaurant feasibility template in Excel format. Details element or you can say must important factor influence directly or indirectly the restaurant initiating planning phase.


For more details about the feasibility study (General) and feasibility study, template excel contacts ProjectManagement.NET team. For customizing the template you must contact our excel developers.

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