Looking for Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel? On this page, you will download Free Stakeholder analysis tools & Template for documentation.

In initiating planning, you required many analyses like a feasibility report, checklist, BCG matrix, and forecasting analysis. Just like these analysis stakeholders is the most important assessing matter in foremost planning. People searching for the change management process and the role of stakeholder analysis in project management. Excel template is for (Ready-Made) concerning developing a stakeholder strategy.

  1. How to conduct a stakeholder analysis?
  2. Is Excel template is useful for conducting analysis & DOcumentation?

In this article, we are going to discussing elements of stakeholders either effect directly or indirectly entire system of organization. In this article, we also informed you about how to do stakeholder assessments using different templates and online tools like risk register?

Project managers are using Excel templates and different software for reaching conclusion and performing better stakeholder analysis regarding any project. With feasibility Reporting, this study is also an integral part of the first phase of project management life-cycle.

Make sure you need a different template for the new project because key players or influencers are different.

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Quick Overview:

  1. Complete stats of stakeholder influence matrix VS Mapping Technique
  2. Stakeholder communication template
  3. MS excel-based template for reporting & Assessment
  4. Role of project management and the Modern world
  5. Factors influence directly on change management and Role
  6. How to easily create a custom Template through Excel?
  7. In financial forecasting, this analysis plays a key role
  8. Using Stakeholder Analysis in Practical Project (See)

We are going to covering some key points like “Types of Stakeholders” Why project manager using this analysis? Templates and tools needed in this analysis.


What is Stakeholder Analysis Template?

Whenever you are talking about any project start, many organizational parts (Employees, Shareholders, Investors, Government Agencies) must consider in your own account. Without directly or indirectly involvement of these bodies in any project, you can’t take any further step.

So you required some analysis or feasibility reporting for stakeholder for acknowledging any project positive impact.

We have no templates in “Excel” and another format of MS-like DOC and PDF for helping the project manager relate to stakeholder analysis.

Importance of Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis is very important relates to many aspects. It will not only help project managers regarding enlist every single member or department in this project but also resolve conflicts relates to a particular project.

  1. This analysis further helping in regression analysis
  2. Company project demands participation to everybody who is a part of the company (Finance, HR, Investors, Employees, Shareholders), so for the success of any projects stakeholder analysis is very important
  3. Help to identify Key influencer factor internally or externally in the organization
  4. Power-Interest Grid template is also Available on PPT

Stakeholder Assessment Matrix Template for Identify Key Players

Stakeholder Matrix plays a key role relates to judging influence in any area. Matrix display column (A, B, C, D) displays high importance VS influence ratio or you can say the level of importance VS level of influence.

You can easily figure out Victims, Irresponsible and By-standard

A manager using this matrix to identifying the most important or key stakeholder impact on the entire project.  Using this matrix for identify weaknesses, responsibilities, which stakeholder influence badly? Which department needs more attention?


Benefits of Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel

This analysis is helping to increase communication within an organization. So it will affect other on-going projects.

  1. Easily identify the weak or most influencer stakeholder for a particular project, so you can easily plan the next project accordingly
  2. Analysis helping to identify resources, and weakness in the system
  3. Stakeholder analysis template excel helping to put less effort into creating a checklist and different tasks for each stakeholder

Make sure it’s very important, that what think your stakeholder about your project? Is it all right or going to another direction? This analysis enhances communication, so they can observe things easily.

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  1. The foremost advantage is that stakeholder analysis will tell you of the interest and influence of all those involved in a project amendment.
  2. It is also beneficial at the outset of advance projects and it would be an advantage if a project changes the direction.
  3. An identical position and driver for every stakeholder, you will know where you have the support and where not.
  4. It allows stakeholder management to create and moves no supporter – at least move on a neutral position so they will not impact the project.

Stakeholder Analysis VS Change Management Process

You can consider a part of the change management process, but make sure not all projects possible to change.

In change management, stakeholder analysis is a process or tool. Change management is a broad term, so whenever discussed, make sure about it. Many tools & analysis like BCG Matrix, Regression analysis, GAP analysis, are using in this process.

It all depends on the project, which analysis you required to go on.

Types of Stakeholder Analysis Template Excel

According to WIKI, 4 types of stakeholders exist within or external organizations. Although some other sub-types exist in many organizations (Bugger one) like Microsoft, APPLE.

  1. Primary stakeholders
  2. Secondary stakeholders
  3. Tertiary stakeholders
  4. Key stakeholders

After analysis using Excel templates you can easily find-out primary or key stakeholder directly influence to any project

Examples of a Stakeholder Analysis

Different types of templates are using different types of projects. So your project required a custom template? Actually not, 95% of template follow the same standards like defines

  1. Job responsibilities
  2. Predispositions
  3. Support
  4. Influence

In each template you can add a note or some description relates to project type.

How to Create a Stakeholder Analysis Template in Excel?

Creating your own template is very easy, you just required a checklist, and the stakeholder template in excel or any other format is ready.

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First for all a unique reference is to recognize the stakeholder. It is very useful when you are sorting information by using excel.


Then enter the name which will use to recognize the stakeholder and it would be an individual ort entity.


The role of any individual or entity. It will also provide a necessary context for if assessing stakeholder


It is used to assess pressure and power. The basic importance of being,

  1. Low power – low influence
  2. Low power – high influence
  3. High power – low influence
  4. High power – high influence

Advocate / Blocker

  • Advocate – loyal
  • Blocker – not supportive
  • Neutral
  • Unknown – note: try to reach assessment as soon as possible

This is for the purpose when stakeholder is loyal or not – 2 columns listed;

  • Present –This is in the process evaluation of stakeholder
  • Required – the position is necessary for a stakeholder

Top Tools/Template of Stakeholder Analysis using Project Managers

Looking for the best method or identify the best possible technique for conducting a stakeholder analysis? Play a key role in project management, or you can say without this stakeholder analysis, you are missing something very big in your project planning initiating phase.

ERP System

ERP system is using for a better flow of communication, without any hurdle. SO for stakeholder analysis, this is quite a good technique for the team to team or team to shareholder communication.

Data Collection

Conducting an interview, assessing expense budget, coordinate with other members must be efficient and systematic manner.


In addition, for more information about stakeholder analysis templates excel and other formats, the information relates to different types, techniques, you can contact us or share your project management experience.


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