Today’s Topic: Microsoft project Alternative for MAC; Microsoft Project is a project management software product, used worldwide by many kinds of firms in multiple fields. The product has its variables in every product, therefore, every third company has use of it. In this article, we will discuss the top best alternative for MAC, regarding Microsoft project.

Good news for a project manager, that there are lots f best alternative options available – Cheaper and cost-effective. Although you can found hundreds of options, here we will describe only the best option for you relates to our company.

Microsoft project Alternative for MAC
Microsoft project Alternative for MAC

It allows you to develop a schedule, schedule tasks, assign work, maintain the budget, and maintain deadlines and more. Now obviously, being a useful Microsoft Product comes with its perks for Windows OS users. The software is available only on Windows platforms which in my opinion, makes it a tad bit controversial for MAC OS.

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For this reason, many MAC users have to opt for different ways in order to get their MS Project needs going.

Following are some of their options, a Microsoft Project alternative software for MAC and an additional bonus way to get Microsoft Project Running on your MAC:

Microsoft Project Alternatives for MAC:

Install a virtual machine, such as a virtual box on your already existing MAC. Below we explain the best Alternatives according to their specifications.

Q: What is a Virtual Machine?

Answer: A Virtual Machine is basically just software, which allows you to allocate a part of your hard drive, memory, and other resources to another OS within your OS. This allows you to install multiple OS within one OS and it is a pretty cool feature.

  1. However, this eventually leads to slowing down your PC when the virtual machine runs for reasonable times which is obviously not ideal.
  2. So, your first option for using a Microsoft Project on MAC is by installing a virtual machine, installing a Windows OS on your virtual machine and then getting yourself a Microsoft Project software.

Another option is using third-party app sharing software products if you’re a large enterprise who can only afford a cut in this part of the budget and you have to use MS Project only then this may be your best shot. Also, please note that managing servers and sharing remote connections can be an extremely difficult process and only the professionals should deal with it.

It’s obviously not impossible to do this individually but, this way will require more than a couple of head itches and nervous breakdowns. So let’s not keep you waiting and take you to the only product that’s worth your time in this case.

  1. Project Plan 365: This simple, yet powerful product is the only one available in the market that can open, edit and save new projects in the exact format as Microsoft Project. It’s just that simple, a direct MS Project alternative released in 2018.

Also, please take a minute to imagine the pain people had to go through before December 2018. The other option was only to get a PC instead of MAC because it brought that much frustration.

  1. Bonus Alternative for MS Project – TeamViewer: Well that’s right, I don’t know if it has crossed your mind or not but you can connect a PC to a MAC using a team viewer. In order to do that, you do need an active and good internet connection.

Teamviewer is a software that allows you to connect one pc to another and share its view and operate it in any way you like, and it’s free.

Just install TeamViewer on both, a PC that has MS Project installed and the MAC. Connect the Teamviewer in MAC to the PC using id and password it provides and boom, there’s your MS Project through a foolproof way. Although it does require the presence of a PC it is ideal in a case where your office has a PC and your home computer is a MAC or vice versa.

Microsoft Project – Is there any free version of MS Project?

I get this question a lot, and the answer is no. MS Project is a project managing software developed and sold by Microsoft. So unless you’re using a pirated version which I am not suggesting you to do that in any case, there’s really no way.

Best Alternatives for Microsoft Project for All Platforms:

I have combined together a bunch of MS Project alternatives. Following is a list of best alternatives for Microsoft Project (both free and paid):

  • ToDoList: This is an excellent alternative for beginners and the best part is that it’s free to use. The product is not very comprehensive but it’s great for small businesses, projects, and freelancers. You can manage your tasks, customize reports, and make online documentation and more using ToDoList. Moreover, you can also use milestones to manage your large tasks.
  • Basecamp: Basecamp is another good option but it’s paid, the pricing starts at 100$/month. The application is a full-blown project managing product and allows you to observe tasks, calendars, assign tasks as objectives and in short pretty much every project managing need.

Like ToDoList, this one is also available on multiple platforms including Windows, MAC, and iOS.

  • ProjectLibre: ProjectLibre has an active online community, it’s free and considers itself the closest to MS Project. The product has complete features for Project Managing software including Gantt charts and dependencies.

  • Clarizen: Clarizen is very easy to manage and use alternatives for MS Project. It has all the functionalities that a Project Manager requires and more. The product also has a great timeline observing features. The product is not free, however, on the Clarizen official website, you may be able to request the management to give you a suitable price according to your needs.

  • Scoro: As a project manager, you can use Scoro to assign tasks to your users, you can assign responsibilities and later on link the done tasks to your clients. This Project Managing product comes with big-time businesses and creative use. To illustrate its relevance to MS Project better, the cloud-based software product has all the features of time-tracking, task scheduling, and reporting.

Conclusion (Summarized)

In summary, I agree that MS Project comes with great benefits and used at a great price but let’s be real, the alternatives of this product exist.  This article is based on 2019 reviews about different software about Microsoft project Alternative for MAC. On the basis of 2019 reviews, we will forecast the best option for small businesses or other medium-size businesses.


While some people do not ever choose any other product when compared to MS Project, the others, at the same time did find a way to make their ends meet. If you have some questions relates to MS project, then team could help you regarding choosing the options.

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